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  1. nophat

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    So i started takeinganadol liquid for a couple days.this shit is nasty taste like a shot of i dont even know how to explain it.Is this shit real .Bought some world pharm dec,prop,eth and some liquid Anadrol .D ont know if the liquid anadrol is wp.Hase anyone taken this stuff before.I got everything from the guy i buy me supps from so owning a vit shop its one stop for sure if lagit.

    MANWHORE Member

    Did I just see World Pharm in there? LOL

    As long as the stuff works, I wouldn't care
    if it tasted like 90yr old snatch..
    Well, I like 90yr old snatch, so something that doesn't taste good
    ... Like 22yr old snatch... YUCK
  3. tanuki

    tanuki Member

    Pharm grade liquid orals. LOL
  4. biggerben69

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    That is a good one.^^^.Liquid d-bol tastes horrible too. Many UGL's are making flavored liquid orals these days. A buddy of mine has cinnamon flavored var at 100mg/ml! That mg is correct.
    Don't know about the brand you have. But yes....they do taste horrible.
  5. leoclaw79

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    idk chewed up a dbol tab once and it tasted peppery. it was an appreciable taste. it is the breakfast of champions afterall
  6. Pericles

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    Liquid clomid tastes bad, as does liquid var.
  7. mands

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    A lot of underground liquids are using everclear solutions. They taste horrible. Not sure what the Pharm Grade WP is using? lol

  8. JimStevens

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    wonder if its an ethanol/peg blend or if its one of those oral suspending solutions. Some oral can be straight ethanol ie dbol.
  9. tanuki

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    Try mixing the stuff into a shake or chase it with juice.