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    Anyone take their Anadrol at night before bed? I'm sure it doesn't make that much of a difference when you take it. I have just read different views and wanted to see if anyone had any experience taking it at night.. Taking it with test and Deca I am currently on week 3 of my cycle. Starting the Anadrol on week 4. I kick started my cycle with NPP I am dropping the NPP on week 6
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    I have. Last time I took it I did 25mg split every 8 hours (75mg a day) and one of those doses fell just before bed. People say take it at night to avoid stomach distress/appetite suppression. Personally I think if you're only going to do one dose taking it before bed would be kind of silly. Pre workout is best since you will be getting lots of protein in the following hours after that, taking advantage of the elevated protein synthesis that orals provide in addition to the spike after training
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    It has a 12 hour half life I take 25mg at noon and 25 at midnight. The before workout thing like it's a pre workout drink is false. Once the drug is in your system after a few days it dont make a difference and no extra gains to be had pre workout at all. Also rather do 50 mg for 6weeks than 75 for 4. Same mg at the end better gains atleast for me.
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  4. Split them up.
    One an hour before workout and one about 8 hours away from that time. Just depends on when you're working out!
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    I agree with @DonaldPump about the 8 hour half-life but also with @Turbo charged that when steady blood levels are achieved taking it pwo don’t matter. I personally split it up into 3 doses- 25 mg each at 7Am-3Pm and 10Pm. The 3Pm dose ends up being pwo for me time wise anyway. For a pure pwo oral i like Dball better, to me it’s pointless to chase that 4 hour half-life so just take it all pwo, works great too.
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    I ran 100mg last run, 50mg pwo and 50mg pre-bed. I just found it gave me the 50mg boost pwo and easy to remember the second dose before bed
  7. What is with people and
    Tball is like baseball for kids
    Tbol short for turinabol
    Dball is I don't know lol
    Dbol is short for Dianabol

    This always has me cracking up!!!
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    Lol, I always fuck that up:confused:
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    Trying to maintain a "steady" blood concentration of oral steroids is just lol. BRB waking up in the middle of the night to take 25mg.

    Just take it all PWO and be done with it, IMO.
  10. To me, "Hardcore" is am and PM.

    If I have to take something 3 times a day, I probably wont take it.
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    IMO it's better to split the dosage over the day.
    It lessens the shock of taking it all at once.

    It doesn't have to be evenly split. i.e. some people like to take a bit more before workout, some like more of it at night so it doesn't interfere with their day job.
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    Also its about the energy boost taking it to get the prewo effects, then a boost for recovery. So i take all orals 2x.
  13. It takes a real man to admit his mistakes! Even if it's stupid and doesn't matter lol
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  14. Anadrol for energy?
    Maybe overall just a better mind set, pump, and some additional strength and/or reps. Energy though?
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    I meant a boost. Disregard the word energy.
    Pump/Longer workout duration/better lifting. Is what I meant as energy boost. Not like a stimulant. Is what I find all orals do. Then a boost for recovery.

    Excpet when taken to much then lathargy can be an issue.
  16. Bottom line ia split up the dosage. It doesn't have to be exactly 8 hours. That's splitting hairs as someone else stated in a different thread.
    A note remember - 2 half life's and you still have 25% left in your system. A lot of people think after 2 half life's, the compound is out of your system. Even after 24 hours or so (say 3 half life of Anadrol), you still have 12.5% left in your system. It will vary from person to person, mainly based on metabolism.
    Protein synthesis(among a bunch of other benefits) is better with Anadrol and food is more important than the workout itself imo. So splitting up the dosage let's you get the most from the compound, keeping a more steady release of Anadrol in your system. Whether it be 6, ,7, or 8 hours doesn't matter too much. Just be in that range!!
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  17. All this Anadrol talk made me give is making me give it another go. I'm pretty sure the Anadrol I bought when I was a newb was bunk (about 8 years ago)
    So I picked up some "Throw Shit" and Anadrol...
    I've be having the throw shit tested... Screenshot_20191119-074238.jpg