Anadrol vs. Dbol, your thoughts please

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by youngBuilder, Mar 4, 2014.

  1. youngBuilder

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    How does Anadrol compare to dbol in terms of size vs. bloat? Let's assume a daily dose of 50mgs of Anadrol and 20 mgs of dbol for the comparison.

    Are they both comparable for strength gains?
  2. mands

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    Compared to strength gains I would lean towards Anadrol.

    I would still choose Dbol over Anadrol any day of the week for me personally.

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  3. DickBlazer

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    My experience with both:


    -Kicked in faster.
    -a little less bloat
    -no hints of gyno with AI
    -really jacked up my BP scary high, even with AI
    -more strength
    -less overall weight gain( less water probably)
    -slight red face
    -lost some appetite
    -lost some endurance
    -felt great at gym but always out of breath
    -huge pumps


    -took a bit longer to work vs drol
    -more bloat with AI vs drol
    -got a lump under left breast even with AI
    -did not spike BP like drol
    -more weight gain but less strength vs drol (water)
    -increased appetite
    -endurance was good
    -made me sssooooooo damn lazy!!!!! Wanted to sleep all day
    -better mood vs drol but mellow in gym
    -huge pumps as well

    This was 40 mg dbol vs 100 mg drol so maybe dosages played a part. I'm far from an expert and these observations are made under the assumption that both products were actually the correct drug and dose.

    Overall I enjoyed the dbol more due to normal BP but the laziness on it just killed me at work. And it was tough to get motivated. The BP spikes from the drol drove me nuts and made it difficult to catch my breath in the gym. I'm an older guy so that could play into it also. They are both kick ass drugs that serve a purpose but the sides get to you and 4-6 wks is all I could stand.

    Also the difference in strength gains between the two wasn't dramatic just moved a bit more weight on drol seemed like
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  4. Demondosage

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    both are garbage to me, nothing but quick bloat and strength that diminishes as quickly as it came on. Mg for mg dbol is actually the stronger compound though
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  5. dper726

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    Took 50mg dbol vs 100mg Anadrol

    Anadrol gave me great strength although disliked the quality very much hence why won't touch it again alone. Bloated like a balloon swell in terms of quality gains, although did appear more round and full, just disliked lacking separation.

    DBOL gave me clean gains. I don't get sides from steroids other than psychological so cannot give opinion on sides really from any drug ever taken in terms of vital signs.

    A lot of guys take these drugs longer than the suggested bro science talk of 4-5 weeks. Ive known people to take these drugs at smaller dosages for up to months without stopping ED administration. Also guys who take both combined at lower doses. Best bet is experiment with your own body, stay away from bro science I think its a lot of nothing more than personal experience and everyone experiences different from these anabolics. And nonetheless monitor your bloods to make sure what you're taking is not killing you in the process.
  6. youngBuilder

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    Dude, I totally hear you on the laziness with dbol! Tried it years ago and I would have to take 2-3 naps a day!

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  7. RomanMVP

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    Huge Dbol fan, never got much from adrol, used 3 different brands. I really can't say I get any bad sides with D, just pure size and power. D with test rocks!
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  8. I'm running Anadrol now. Pros: less painful pumps than dbol and better gains. Cons: wrist and ankle swelling and more bloat.