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    The student used a university lab to test steroids. And he earned thousands.

    A gifted day student, who is amazed by his talents, the "Analyzer" night, who tests steroids at custom-made university laboratories. Muscle builders, illegal.

    Speech is about a 24-year-old master student of the Faculty of Science of XXXXX University, according to the teachers of an extremely promising chemist. But, as it turns out, also very inventive "entrepreneurs".

    He decided to use the multi-million dollar equipment of the faculty to earn even tens of crowns a month. To his "clients", mostly Americans, he made steroid and growth hormone analyzes that foreigners ordered through the internet forum.

    For a period of at least one year, when Peter tested at the university buildings dozens, perhaps hundreds of samples, no one noticed. The case of the University was just right. The young man now faces disciplinary proceedings for gross violation of the internal rules of the school.

    The most important stage of the story (except for the faculty's laboratories) is the foreign forum MESO-RX, which is focused on steroids and growth hormones.
    The people who contribute and discuss there come mainly from the United States and the forum is looking for someone who reliably and honestly tests them for the substances they use.

    Pull the pills separately into small plastic bags with a "zipper" cap
    Instructions Analyzer
    In other words, they are looking for someone to confirm that the products actually contain as much active substance as the vendors in the package leaflets promise.

    Analyzes "under"
    One of the testers until April this year was also the user, nicknamed Analyzer - highly popular on the forum, especially for low prices, which turned him more and more "customers". Since special equipment is needed for analyzes, costing several million crowns, and costs are massive, only a handful of other people in the world are engaged in similar activities.

    For example, while the Swiss company SIMEC accounts for $ 290 ($ 6,200) for steroid analysis and $ 5,200 for the growth hormone test, Analyzer has attracted clients from $ 75 to $ 200 .

    On his e-mail, he was also contacted by the editorial staff about a month ago.
    The analyst promised to conduct a total of four tests of various oral steroids for a total cost of about $ 300 . Its conditions for sending the samples were as follows:

    "Pack the pills separately into small plastic bags with a zipper closure. Mark the bags with numbers or letters and put them in a paper envelope, put it in a small small padded envelope and describe the content as a gift, and you can also put a gift card or a wish card. Send everything by unregistered mail, without insurance, "the Analyzer always instructed clients to pass through the customs without any problems.

    Payments in bitcoins
    Payment was always made after the package was received, in the virtual currency bitcoin.
    The target station of the consignments was Brno, namely the seat of the XXXXX University dormitory where the student lives.

    Since it is logical that students will not have millions of equipment on their college campuses, the only possible venue for analyzes has become the university's own laboratories.

    Many of the analyzes made by the student in the background of XXXX University are available. The first one is dated April 10, 2017. However, it is not excluded that the analyzes took place earlier. From the frequency of analyzes and samples, it is obvious that such testing was carried out by the student, as well as tens per month, exclusively at night or on weekends, when he was sure he would not be caught by the act.

    According to information Rights, he does not suffer from a financial emergency. From college he regularly receives scholarships and grants, works on major study projects. But, in comparison with other students, his stellar career has, to a large extent, been jeopardized by this regular, significant gain at the expense of the university's code of ethics.

    A disciplinary procedure shall be decided upon
    It was clear from the way he had sent the samples and the secrecy he was aware that he was doing something he should not do. It is totally forbidden to use the equipment of the school for its own, even for commercial purposes and without the knowledge of professors.

    I did it more to help users than for my own financial benefit
    "We are giving rise to disciplinary proceedings," said director of the Institute of Chemistry at the Faculty of Science, XXXXX University, who made the decision together with the student's supervisor, who confronted the student with the case.

    The student allegedly confessed immediately, but only to about twenty tests. The rest should be done with a friend in Slovakia.

    "I am aware that I have crossed the ethical limits when I used the equipment of the university, but on the other hand I did it more to help the users than for my own financial benefit," he defended
    To disciplinary proceedings are almost not admitted to the Faculty of Science. According to one of the teachers there, he is aware that he has made a mistake, he also feels sorry that he has done the shame of himself and of the whole university. What will be the result of the commission, teachers do not dare to foresee yet. However, according to the Disciplinary Code, play is a warning, conditional exclusion, or final ejection from school.
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    Oh wow, no doubt this kid is very intelligent. He has helped out here with harm prevention without a doubt.
    Hopefully this doesn’t ruin the chances of him having a successful future.
    Seems his heart was in a good place and it was about helping and not about money.
    Wasn’t how I was seeing this playing out to be honest.
    @pharmasource i didn’t see a link to this article you posted or from whom had written it. Maybe add that here also. Thanks.
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    Yes, do not want to reveal his location, school and name ( posted in official link )
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    I see. Makes sense.
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    Well we know now.
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    I want to know how they found out.
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    No info , but I think there must be a lot of samples, lot of analysis at university, and journalists they send him a ,,sample,,
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    We all know tracking someone down isn't that difficult to do. If you have a brain and some resources it's not that hard.

    Now, with that being said my fear is a competing testing service did his homework and ratted this student out. There has been a massive uptick in one particular testing services exposure on meso and it coincides directly with the downfall of analyzer.


    I fucking hope so....
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    Not all samples was tested by him, but ,,someone,, in other country
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    I’d have to agree. Definitely seems like someone outted him. Smh
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    I just had @janoshik PM me with a fantastic claim about @Analyzer. I most likely will be bringing this to light but have some reaearch to do on my end first. Shit is getting thick in here. Funny how Jano jumps immediately after I posted this

    SMDH right now
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    when was he busted right .. ?? today..??

    that's too bad
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    Thank you for tagging me, now.
    If you consider that claim a fantastic one, well, suit yourself.

    I wanted you to not post information into public forum, where it stays forever, without thinking first.

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    actually, everyone think long and hard about posting anything in this thread, analyzer is still facing discipline, and we don't want to make it worse for him
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    I do consider it that.

    After your testing lies, slander and attack on another man's family are we supposed to believe that you are now the patron saint of Meso?

    I don't believe you for a second. You sure are smoke and mirrors, straight shooting isn't in your dna.

    Like I told you via PM, shove it up your ass.
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    I’m just on the outside looking in really. I read throughout the forums here everyday.
    I do find it interesting how in the testing forum as of late how many product testing results that were posted by that have been tested by @janoshik
    I’m all for testing so don’t get me wrong on that. But the agenda seems more than what meets the eye.
    Almost seems like it’s promoting to get business. Throwing in Simec results to make it seem that it’s not just promoting jano.
    Then low and behold not long after @janoshik making his own testing thread, while the word about analyzer not doing testing anymore buzzes through the forums, this article gets posted, analyzer busted.
    Now I’m not actually accusing anyone of anything. Like I said, this is just what it looks like from my perspective on the outside looking in.
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    There is more going on here than people would ever believe. I'm all about testing as well, even if I don't like the agent doing the testing, but when there is professional slander, deceptive practices and more going on you can count your bottom dollar that Meso is getting hoodwinked. The recent testing on here stinks to holy hell of deception.
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    Do you have anything specific in mind, Sir?
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    Actually in the truth....

    With the disappearance of Analyzer, Jano was used by a source of mine for raws. He consulted on the testing results done by Analzyer. And in some cases had found small issues, that had Analzyer retesting samples.

    I contacted Jano, and in a casual conversation I asked him why not help rebrand himself. Do a i'm sorry thread/offer a discount and try to rebuild some trust.
    It might've been a couple of my opinions/idea's that were put into that thread.

    Not saying he wasn't thinking of doing it, but he definitely pulled from some thoughts I gave him.
    Just saying I might've helped some encouragement to release that thread.
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