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Discussion in 'Steroid Lab Testing' started by Classicomano, May 15, 2018.

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    Oh shit
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    Damn...not good
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    That sucks. I hope he doesnt get kicked out of school.

  6. TideGear

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    It sounds like he gave up a lot of info
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    Doesnt seem to be in trouble with the law, just with the school. Unless i misread, the translation isnt that great.

    Most of the info is easily found on his thread, also it seems like someone (maybe the school) inquired about the service.
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    I'm wondering how they found out about meso though. And how he actually got caught. I'm guessing he had to tell the about some of it but I could be wrong.
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    Holy shit.
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    Some crazy shit if true
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    im of the belief that drug testing for any drug thats not direct from a pharmacy should be wholeheartedly supported and encouraged rather than demonised. although i suppose in this case it was more that he used their equipment for his own personal gain. damn shame though
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    Probably got sloppy and left a sample or two lying around...
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    Sounds like this begins as an in-house university situation. Difficult to believe it won't spread to traditional LE investigations soon, however, if it hasn't already.
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    Yikes shaggy
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    Damn shame.
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    Huge speculation but shutting down analyzer helps out other people’s business. There are a few people here I’ve seen do their own investigating and wonder if they came to the conclusion he was using a university and alerted officials there. I don’t see how the university found this site on their own without help.
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    Maybe a journalist made a trap
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    Maybe @janoshik reported him to take out his competition?


    I'm kidding.
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    Unfortunately some people are not kidding when they have such absurd notions. We are trying to look at it with humor as well.
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    The laws in the czech republic are pretty straightforward in regards to whats allowed and what isn't. As far as I can tell importing and also storing anabolic steroids is illegal with the penalties being 1-3 years imprisonment. Now that it's made the news I can't imagine it would be the schools decision whether it became a criminal matter or not.

    I honestly hope that this ends up smaller than I think it's gonna be. What really scares me is that czech and the united states have had tight relations since '93. Cooperation between the two countries could prove to be a fatal blow for many ugls and reps.
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