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  1. Bham1992

    Bham1992 Junior Member

    Hi guys

    I'm 24 years old and i would really appreciate some advice here, i just need double assurance that this is the 'right way' to do a pct.

    i have been running a 6 week cycle of anavar 50mg (two tablets a day). My last dose was 5 days ago (16th). I done a blood test whilst on cycle and my test was low but i showed no signs of ED and i could get an erection perfectly fine, my sexual desire was fine also.

    I started my PCT yesterday with the following

    1. 1st day - clomid 150mg and nova 40mg. There after clomid 50mg and nova 40mg up until the 2nd week.
    2. 2nd week - clomid 50mg and nova 40mg
    3. 3rd week - clomid 25mg and nova 20mg
    4. 4th week - nova 20mg only
    As of today i cannot get an erection even with trying. Could someone please give me some pointers on a route forward please. Should i just go to the doctors and tell him everything???!? This is my first time.

    Many thanks in advance. A prompt response would really be appreciated here.
  2. mike5064

    mike5064 Member

    Let the oral only cycle bashing begin
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  3. mike5064

    mike5064 Member

    I would not go to the doctor. Finish out your pct and see what happens. If your worried about your erections then order some viagra. I wouldn't tell the doctor if you don't have to. You don't want to have that on your medical record
  4. Bham1992

    Bham1992 Junior Member

    Thanks Mike, i do appreciate the advice. Yes i know this may have not been a good idea, I'm just worried moving forward. But should this be sorted after the pct? Do you think the PCT is okay/sufficient?
  5. Bham1992

    Bham1992 Junior Member

    Definitely do not see a doctor/endocrinologist - they will obviously advise against more tablets (pct)?
  6. mike5064

    mike5064 Member

    I think it would be but there is only one way to know for sure. Bloodwork
  7. mands

    mands Member Supporter

    Holy crap balls. Dude that PCT is overkill. I probably wouldn't have even ran PCT with that cycle.

    If you have only taken one day of your PCT. I would stop now and recover without any drugs and get labs in a few days.

  8. Wunderpus

    Wunderpus Member Supporter

    So interesting how people always want to do things the "right" way once they run into major problems... Glad you thought to ask about running this cycle beforehand.

    I would avoid the doctor at this time... Maybe take some horny goat weed and some cialis for a few weeks until you level out. That makes my sex drive go wild.
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  9. ecdysone

    ecdysone Junior Member

    Using 100 mg/day of Anavar is definitely overkill - 40 or so would have been alot better (less suppression). You're sure it was anavar?

    Like the others have said: stay on 20-40 mg nova for awhile and measure your test in a few weeks to judge the recovery process.
  10. Savagesteve

    Savagesteve Member

    I thought women didn't pct because they don't have a sac? O wait nvm I just read the thread..thought it was a female running Anavar only. On to the point, you may or may not need to pct as was said earlier but if you do them doses are way to high
  11. ickyrica

    ickyrica Member Supporter

  12. Savage AF!:eek::D
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  13. OP, you probably crash your E2.. just lay off the PCT and let your body recover naturally! Next time, don't be a dumbass and add test to your next var cycle! You'll thanks me later! :)
  14. Triton_

    Triton_ Member

    Youre probably crashing your e values, i'm sure you feel like shit too (physically)
  15. solidaxle50

    solidaxle50 Member

    Damn OP that is a lot of Anavar daily, I would be lethargic as hell and pissing blood. In all honesty how was your results?
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  16. Dimentio

    Dimentio Member

    Just finish your PCT and give yourself a break. Use some ED meds if your that concerned about getting a hard on right now.
    Do some more research before playing with steroids so you don't feel in a panic when things aren't perfect.
  17. Dimentio

    Dimentio Member

    What makes you think this? clomid and nolva aren't going to crash e2
  18. You do NOT require ANY recovery plan for this cycle. Youre 24 years old running a Var cycle. Your HPTA will bounce back like a rubber band.
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  19. Test_Subject

    Test_Subject Member

    No shit your test levels were low. You shut your production down with the Anavar... What did you think would happen not running exogenous test?

    This is why anyone with any sense says that oral-only cycles are stupid.
  20. savage lifter

    savage lifter Member

    100mg var only for a female is extremely high and quite uncommon unless they're bodybuilders.
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