Anavar 151 Everclear issue.

Discussion in 'Steroid Homebrew' started by CrazedWolf, Jun 9, 2019.

  1. CrazedWolf

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    This is my first time making liquid oral, and I think I messed up. I had 6 grams of Anavar and wanted to make a liquid solution. Mixed with 300 ml of 151 everclear to make 20mg/ml, but at the bottom, I notice a lot of it is still crystallized. I've tried shaking, I've tried heating a pan full of water then removing it from stove and putting beaker inside it, but to no avail.

    I'm gonna assume drinking it like that is a waste, which leads me to my question. What's the best way to proceed? How do I completely dissolve it? Or should I just through it away and get a new batch?

    I did the same thing with cialis, and that dissolved better. It came out looking like dirty water so it's hard to see, but when moving it, it seems to have mixed a lot better than the anavar.

    Also, for future reference - what's the best way to go about making liquid solutions or suspensions? I thought this would be a lot easier than brewing injectables.
  2. JJ14

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    Did you try to grind up anavar first. I use pastel and mortar it helps alot cause the anavar raws are Crystal's.

    I never used 151 I use 190 proof also i add peg300 to it

    Post a pic of it so I can see what it looks like
  3. CrazedWolf

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    No I didn't grind the anavar, that's probably why then? Makes sense. I can post a picture later when I get home; however, the cialis also didn't mix well. After looking at it this morning, it's clearly sitting at the bottom in it's powder form.

    Makes me think if 151 is not strong enough, and or if I should've mixed with something else?
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    Hey brotha question. What’s your ratio for peg 300/190? I used mostly 190 proof. I used a mortar and pastel also them crystals are a pain in the ass
  5. penche

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    Here lies your problem.

    To save it buy a small mortar and pastel. Clean and pour into mortar then grind. Use a beaker to pour small amounts back and fourth and repeat. Grind small amounts then you’ll be done and you’ve saved your var
  6. JJ14

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    151 will work just gotta grind up the raws. You can use any trick. Put raw in zip lock bag put it on paper plate or anything just in case bag rips when your grinding it so it stays on paper plate then put a A piece of paper over the zip lock bag and find something hard to grind it down with. It will break up trust me i just did it the other day and solution was crystal clear no little var pieces floating around.

    I'm sorry picture isnt that good I should of took pic before I added the flavor but it is crystal clear. It def will settle after sitting for awhile but shake well before using.

    If you want suspension instead of solution then use ora plus it will hold as long as you grind up raws. 20190620_223638.jpg
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  7. JJ14

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    Depends on the MG I want but yes I use mostly 190 proof when making solution
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  8. JJ14

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    It's so simple to make once you have an understanding just gotta research

    I'll never buy a finished oral again the $ you save is just ridiculous. I'm lying actually the only finished oral I would purchase is aromasin and arimidex cause that I cant afford to mess around with
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  9. DuqC

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    I just made the same mistake.. Heat the bottles in a hot-water bath for a few hours, shake them a few times during. The crystals will dissolve but it's still a suspension, there will be settling, this is normal.
  10. Mbaku53

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    Quick question if you have time,

    I'm about to attempt an Anavar solution and currently I have Ora Plus, Everclear and Mio. What would you recommend my ratios of each be? I'll be grinding the raws first as well.
  11. JJ14

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    Sorry bro just seen this post.

    I would only use enough 151 to dissolve the powder. All depends how fine you can get the anavar raws. Also depends how many bottles you are making. Start low with 151 shake it up and you can always use more. I actually made up some last night. I switched to 151 as well cause that 190 is extremely overpowering. I did 40% 151 and rest flavor plus. I use liquid cool aid I think its stronger flavor than mio energy
  12. Mbaku53

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    No worries!
    I've actually already made it. I made 60mL and used:
    1.5g Anavar
    38.5mL Ora Plus
    17mL Everclear 151
    3mL Mio

    It actually came out very well and stays in suspension for a long time.