Anavar and missing periods

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  1. rutman

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    I have a question for some you ladies that have experience running Anavar only cycles, and missing periods. Someone I know has just finished a 10 week cycle of Anavar. She ran 10mg a day the first 2 weeks, 20mg per day the next 6 weeks, and 10mg the last 2 weeks. She hasn't had a period in over 2 months now, probably closer to 3, and is just curious when her body might return back to normal. Any info on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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  2. GearGodess

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    Everyone responds differently. Some don't lose their period on var others do. Typically I count from my last cycle day, then determine when the compound should be out of my system then add the length I was on. So I imagine her next one should be coming soon. Also depends what stage she would normally be in with her (menstrual) cycle... her body will regulate itself, she doesn't have to worry.

    For me with just var, typically takes 2-3 months... even multiple compound cycles that are VERY long, I bounce back to normal within 5-6 months

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  3. rutman

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    Thanks for the help @GearGodess. The female body is a bit more complicated than a makes, lol.

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  4. GearGodess

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    Not a problem! It sure is... and to throw you another curve ball... there has been times I ran var alone and my period was still on track... just lighter and shorter than normal. So it really varies but what I suggested above should give her a rough idea when to expect it...

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  5. Sampei

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    For my gf it took 4 weeks. She had her normal
    Period during her first 4 week of var. missed the second at the 8 weeks mark. Finished var and missed the period after. Then got it back 4 weeks later. So more or less 4-6 weeks after finishing. The period changed though. It has been always on the 20th of the month now it's on the 8th :)
  6. Devika

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    My period was never affected by Anavar. I've been almost a month off cycle and my period came right on time.
    Every female is different. She prob just needs time to let her body recover and hormones will adjust.
    Is she on any BC?
  7. How do you know it was on time? You must track it pretty closely, huh?
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  8. wedorecover

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    Mine is on now and hasn't lose hers
  9. GearGodess

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    It's one of those things we know... for me... when off cycle...even off bc... mine comes with a vengeance last thursday of the month and typically like clock the evening... even if I miss several of them while on cycle... still back on schedule eventually... lol
  10. Nio

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    I was on Anavar for two weeks and my period is late for 20 days
    I am not pregnant
    Does anyone know if I get norethisterone -primolut nor
    For a few days is my period coming? Has anyone tried it?