Anavar capsulation.

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  1. Let's say i have 1 gram of Anavar (for simplicity) and want to dose each cap at 50 mgs.

    Am i correct in my math by putting 1/20 of a gram in each capsule, giving me 20 capsules at 50 mg each, killing off the entire gram?

    If that is correct, would i need to use a filler as well, or could i get away with the above, by itself?
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    That math is correct
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    1000/50= 20... So, yes, there are 20 doses of 50mg's in 1 gram....

    You should be fine w/o a filler, just harder to work with. I'd use Vit. C. or creatine.
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    Even the smaller caps available, #5 hold more than 50 mg with loose filling
    Empty Capsule Size Chart

    So either you can half fill them
    get a 50 mg microscoop and verify with a milligram scale that it contains 50 mg indeed
    Then fill with a funnel (you can make one out of Aluminum foil)

    or you can use fillers
    make sure you use pharma approved procedures
    like geometric dilution

    using a dye/colorant
    Caps or suspension?
    and 60-80 mortar and pestle revolutions, alternating 10 each
    Caps or suspension?
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    I just made all my Anavar last night used a cap m quick machine makes 100 at a time and I just used creatine as a filler super easy made 100 50mg caps and 100 25mg caps
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    I know what the cap m quick machine is. However I am new to home brewing and capping raws. I'm still thinking about doing this. I have some questions. Let's use the example that @MisterSuperGod put forth. In his example of 1gram (1000mg) there would be 20, fifty mg capsules. But doesn't he need a mg scale to know how much 50mg weighs? Unless he has a 50mg scoop?

    And for my example. Let's say I have a 5gm/pack quantity of Anavar. I want to make a bunch of 25mg capsules. I need a mg scale or a mg scoop to know how much compound is equal to 25mg correct? And if I had a mg scale do I program it to tell me when I have added enough drug to equal 25mg if I don't know how much 25mg weighs?

    And in your experience using the cap m quick machine and creatine as a filler. Can you explain in detail how you did this? You measured out a specific quantity of compound? Then added the same quantity of filler? Mixed them together and poured it into the machine to sift? How do you know how much powder 100 capsules will hold?

    I need a damn tutorial video on YouTube. I just can't picture how to do it correctly with out help and understanding.
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    Get a mg scale. Weigh the empty capsule, then weigh the capsule with 25mg then top the capsule off with whatever filler you are using and weigh again. Total weight- 25mg-empty weight=filler weight. 25mgx20=1g filler weight x 20=? Add the Anavar and your filler together and mix with either a mortar abd pestal or put in a ziplock bag. Leave air in the bag and shake the shit out of it until it is mixed. Once mixed cap.
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    Thank you. That's a simple explanation that I understand. Appreciate it.
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    Am not a pro at this myself tbh but it’s pretty easy and I’ll give you an example of how I done it below for my 50 mg tablets

    Step 1
    Weight your empty capsule using scales that go to 0.00 mines when empty and placed on the scale said 0.10 that means my empty capsule weight is 100mg

    Step 2
    Fill an empty capsule up with filler I used creatine in mine can’t remember what my weight actually was for it but I think it was 500mg that when it’s filled with just creatine so now what you have is you now know 400mg of that is creatine and the other 100 is just the weight of the capsule because remember the capsule weighs 100mg when it’s empty so take that of the 500 mg

    Step 3
    Decide how much mg you want per tab so we want 50mg per tab right now 400mg of creatine fills the capsule so we now know we need roam for 50mg of anavar powered so 350mg is now the weight of filler we need in every capsule leaving 50mg spare for the anavar

    Step 4
    So my capsule machine makes 100 tablets so I do 350mg filler weight x100 =35,000 so 35grams of filler is what we need for 100 capsules .
    We want 50mg anavar per tablet so x50 =5000 so that’s 5grams of anavar we need

    Put the 35grams filler and 5grams of active ingredients in this case anavar in to a ziplock bag shake it really well and that’s it ready to go on the capsule machine and get put into the capsules

    Note when I done it I put a little extra anavar powered in just because you will loss a small amount of powered when putting it into the capsules
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    Appreciate it brother.
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    How to cap 101. It's a stickie. Boom.
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