Anavar - How long to kick in

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  1. Hi Guys,
    I started taking my Hilma Var at the end of week 8 of my first blast (8 days ago). 50mg split 30mg 1 hour before my AM workout And 20mg before my PM workout.

    How long before it is in full effect? I haven’t noticed any crazy difference between just taking the test and I lab tested my var to find it was overdosed (1pill 11mg and the other 14mg).

  2. BigBaldBeardGuy

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    You won’t feel it “kick in”. Some guys claim forearm pumps with Anavar but most don’t get that. If you had it lab tested then you know it’s good. Don’t expect to feel like Superman while on PEDs.

    I seldom notice any difference between being “on” or being off. When I do, it’s usually because I feel shitty, lethargic, or rundown.
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  3. Carter79

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    Anavar is called the bitch steroid for a reason its rather weak and tame compared to most. You won't notice it kick in but you generally feel like you have more energy but you'll notice over the weeks that you start getting a nice lean look to yourself almost as if a layer of water is thinning above the muscle.
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  4. I must say lethargic is how I have felt most the time on my first blast. Always able to
    nap etc. I had never heard about this before.
  5. I have noticed before my workouts I have a bit more motivation to train. I assume this is the Var as prior to starting the Var I have felt lethargic most the time.
  6. @BigBaldBeardGuy Is this “rundown” feeling from test or because you train super hard while on blast?

    I can very much relate to this and it isn’t what I expected. The Var seems to help with this a bit.
  7. bambam333

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    Feel like that in pretty much all my cycles I actually love to come off I feel 5x better when I’m off unless it’s a very mild cycle
  8. BigBaldBeardGuy

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    It’s from being on cycle. You give your body more than it’s use to. Higher testosterone and other PEDs put your body closer to “fight or flight” all the time. That’s a lot of stress to the body and CNS.

    Do this long enough and you’ll always be looking forward to the opposite. When I’m on, I look forward to coming off cycle. Then after a couple weeks I really miss being on and look forward to the next cycle.
  9. bambam333

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    Sounds exactly like me I’m going to start doing 8 weekers instead of 12-16 have you ever tried that. I’m usually beat to shit by that time anyway depending on what and how much I’m doing
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  10. BigBaldBeardGuy

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    Lol, I do 8-9 weeks now. I did one EQ cycle that was 16 weeks long and after that I said fuck it. Shorter cycles, shorter breaks in between. If you can find higher concentration short esters w/o PIP then it’s the way to go. 150-200 mg prop and/or 150-200 mg NPP.
  11. bambam333

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    Yea my next one I’m starting short cycles and short breaks these long ones are starting to wear me out I don’t have to energy to power through them anymore
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    Yeah same here. After 8 weeks even on long esters I'm pretty much shot and the gains stall unless I'm running a light cycle. Like @BigBaldBeardGuy said I think it's more to do with the CNS more than anything. I'm probably going to be running short esters from now on. I just started a cycle with 300mg test/week. I will throw in some Anadrol towards the end, but I can run this for awhile. I'm not expecting much because I will be relying on my diet, training and rest for gains.
    One of my most productive cycles is when I ran 300 mg test for 10 months. I ran Tbol @ 40mg for 12 weeks at the end. I probably put on 12-14 lbs of muscle. I know that doesn't sound like a lot, but I was able to keep it all and felt so damn good through the whole cycle. Those are like newbie gains and keep able ones at that and not feel like shit.
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  13. bambam333

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    That’s honestly the way to do it to actually enjoy it. Some cycles I’ve been on I’ve just been Fuckin miserable and have worked backwards even though being on high doses. I just seem to enjoy beating the shit out of myself with harsh compounds or high doses. Same as you my favorite cycles looking back we’re the simplest and much lighter. I got a month left and looking for a much needed break to feel good over the summer with just trt and a sprinkle of primo
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  14. cochino

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    Yeah I think we're all gluttons for punishment lol. I think my heaviest cycle was 750 mg test 400 mg deca 30 mg dbol/50 mg Anadrol. Ran the test/deca for 14 weeks and dbol on the end for 8 weeks and 4weeks on the end with Anadrol. Made some good gains but fuck I was miserable around week 11. No more of that for me. I know guys run shit much higher but it's just not for me. If I feel well I eat well, train well and sleep well. Less gear does that at least for me.
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  15. This sounds perfect for me. To be honest I feel beet to shit and am on week 9. I gained a good amount of weight so far but my numbers haven’t gone up a huge amount unfortunately.

    So what would be considered a reasonable break from a shorter Cycle?

    I really like the idea of test prop and Anavar.

    I was wanting to try primo for my second blast but am worried about hair loss.
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  16. Lifting results 9 weeks in (500mg test) and 11 days in (50mg Anavar):

    With only another 3.5 weeks to go on my blast. Achieving my strength goals is looking doubtful. I am considering extending a couple weeks unless you guys think it is a bad idea health wise.

    Lifting Goals:
    • 3 plate bench for triples - This was my biggest goal
    • 80kg (176lbs) overhead press for 5
    • 4 plate squat for a single
    • 220kg sumo deadlift for a triple
    Current Numbers
    Flat Bench:

    130kg (286lbs) for 3 Reps x 5 sets
    12kg (26lbs) added to my bench 8 weeks into my blast. Not as good as I had hoped to be honest.

    Incline Bench:
    100kg (220lbs) x 8 Reps x 3 sets
    12kg (26lbs) also added to my incline bench 8 weeks into my blast. Again a bit disappointed.

    155kg (342lbs) x 3 Reps x 5 Sets
    20kg (44lbs) added during my 8 week blast.

    Overhead Press:
    70kg (155lbs) x 6 Reps x 3 Sets
    10kg (22lbs) added in 8 week blast

    Conventional Rack Pull (Below Knees):
    190kg (418lbs) x 6 Reps x 3 Sets
    30kg (66lbs) added in 8 week blast

    Sumo Deadlift:
    In 2 Days
    Projecting 200kg x 3 Reps x 3 Sets
    If achieved will be a good improvement of around 40kg (88lbs)

    As you will note I have gained about 22lbs on all my pushing movements with better results on squats and deads. I was really hoping to achieve the following goals by the end of my blast but it is looking doubtful.

    At the moment it looks like the overhead press and Sumo deadlift could be achieved with the other two looking challenging/doubtful.

    Any advice?
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  17. bambam333

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    Imo I will do 8 weeks on and then 8 off that would be the plan but mainly judging on how my bloods look. I’ve never had any noticeable hair loss on really anything but i don’t think I have that mpb gene
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  18. Are there any compounds that favour better for the 8 weeks blasts other than test prop?

    I also didn’t like waiting for it to kick in so another reason to go for 8 weeks going forward.
  19. Blange89

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    I prefer long esters and longer cycles if strength goals are what you're going for. Simply just that it gives you more time to train
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  20. cochino

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    Depends on your goals. Test, NPP and Mast P should be good for any goals. @Oldschool ran this one.
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