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    Hi everyone, I wanted to open up a discussion about Anavar-only cycles.

    It seems that most of the online steroid community recommends against anavar-only cycles, and the entire school of thought is predicated on anavar being suppressive to the HPTA axis, resulting in low-testosterone production and thus, symptoms of low-testosterone. I have seen most users strongly recommending that it be run with a testosterone base.

    That reasoning is definitely logical and deductive, but I wanted to throw some of my own reasoning out there and hopefully have some discourse.

    -From my understanding, anavar is a synthetic DHT, or DHT-derivative. As such, it cannot and does not aromatize to estrogen. DHT is commonly regarded as the hormone that is responsible for strength, libido, masculine features (facial hair), and confidence/ alpha-like feelings, though it may not be as anabolic as testosterone. It is useful for cutting fat while simultaneously making strength gains as well as lean-gains, so basically an effective substance for body recomposition.

    -During an anavar-only cycle, the HPTA axis is suppressed from the negative feedback loop due to perceiving that exogenous testosterone production is too high, resulting in low serum testosterone while on cycle.
    *The big question is, does this low testosterone contribute to symptoms of low-testosterone while on an anavar-only cycle as espoused by many in the online community?
    --My thoughts would be no, precisely because your levels of exogenous androgenic hormone (from anavar) are high, which would naturally signal your body to produce less sex hormones. But you would actually continue experience high-dht effects as mentioned above while on anavar.
    --Theoretically, cycling off an anavar-only cycle would be much easier than cycling off other steroids that do aromatize, as your estrogen levels would not be elevated. Elevated estrogen would signal to your hypothalamus and pituitary gland to stop producing GSH and LH, but since your estrogen should be low or normal on an anavar-only cycle, your HPTA axis should recover and upregulate production more quickly with pct in response to low sex hormones.

    *Is it possible that the users that have experienced negative effects (symptoms of low testosterone) on anavar cycles were using fake anavar, or other steroids concurrently or within a relatively short time frame, creating confounding variables?

    Once again, I am not claiming that my logic is flawless or the correct one, but just wanted to open up the discussion and throw in my 2 cents.
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    I guess a good portion of it would boil down to the dosage. If your natural test is shut down, how much Anavar would you have to take to compensate for it? Then how much more do you have to take to overcompensate, which is the point of a cycle. I would have to assume it would be a pretty high dose of var alone to surpass your natural testosterone to an effective amount. Now, is that high dose worth the side effects associated with high dosage orals, and specifically anavar (BP, Liver, etc.)? Also I'm fairly certain that if you are running AI on cycle the biggest factor in recovery is going to be how long you were shut down, not your e2 levels.

    I don't doubt there is a chance to see SOME results running high dose var alone. But the question is if it's worth it or not with all the other available options. Buuut that's more of a subjective question.

    Anyway, because of the moronic AAS laws there hasn't really been any concrete research done on anavar aside from it's application to AIDS patients. So until something is done all we can really do is apply some broscience.
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    I guess it depends on what dosage of anavar would give you supraphysiological levels of anabolic/androgenic hormone, and at what dosage/length of time it would cause natural testosterone shutdown vs just moderate suppression. You're right it hasn't been studied so it is pretty much just broscience, though some people have had very good results on anavar-only cycles. I was thinking of 30mg/day for 6 weeks with aromasin pct.
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    Why not just use test with it?? Anavar is great stacked with test
  5. Colt44

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    You're going to pct with an AI only?
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    Yes indeed. I have coached many women who have had great results with "anavar-only cycles."

    "Armoasin PCT", not much success with that one.
  7. D-Ballin

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    By which manner is estrogen produced in males? The side effect issues are multi faceted. It's not just about low testosterone. . .

    Good luck with that asin pct. I'd do letro instead though. ;)

    Pins aren't that scary bro.
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    Like any "cycle" the most important question is WHY?

    People cycle for many reasons for example; to enhance athletic performance, LBM or libido, as a means of improving or reversing their emotional problems etc.

    The next relevant question then become what risk/benefit are they willing to accept to achieve their goals?

    Var like most DHT derivatives exhibits relatively mild adverse effects primarily bc of the dosage used, it's short half life.

    The net effect is diminished adverse effects but at a compromise of reduced SKM anabolism.

    Yea can't have it both ways when cycling any AAS, bc building SKM simply takes TIME
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    I blame it on watching Terminator 2 and Rambo a few too many times. "Side effect of being American;" GI Joe syndrome I.e. Conditioned to look like a Juiced up GI Joe doll.
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    So I finally got my hands on some Anavar, but I am wondering if it is legit.

    I ran into an old acquaintance at the gym whom I went to college with and he's now part of local powerlifting group. I had been hesitant to get goods from online sources, so I was excited for the opportunity to ask him if he could get me some anavar or gear in general. He texted me a price list and assured me that all of the items were legit as his team uses them, as I said that anavar is commonly faked. As for his powerlifting group, they enter amateur competitions and are big/lift heavy. Var.JPG

    When I got the bottle, I was surprised that it was so cheap for the amount: 100 tabs x 50mg each for $125. And also that it was from an UGL. I did a search and did not find too much information.

    I have posted a picture of the bottle. It says RM Pharma. They are circular pink tablets with no markings. I was thinking of splitting each tab into 4 and taking 12.5mg twice a day, and getting my labs tested at my doctor's within the first week for test, estradiol, dht, sbgh, and free-test. I figure that if DHT is elevated but estradiol remains in range, then I can at least narrow it down to anavar or winstrol, make an educated guess based on the effects. If estradiol is out of range, then obviously it's an aromatizing compound like dianebol.

    What do you guys think? And have you had experiences with this UGL?
  13. drippie

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    I can't comment on if that is legit or not but I haven't come across 50mg stuff and the price is way too low.

    You may have some great winny though. Which is just as good.
  14. ambulldog

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    First all exogenous hormones can and will eventually disrupt the hpta

    Second a dht derivative does not necessarily behave as dht in the body. You must understand a derivative is just that its not the parent compound. Anavar is nothing like dht

    Ive used dht, mast, var. Anyone that has used said compounds can tell you they all elicit different effects.
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  15. hurricane

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    Your bro either really loves you or its not var. I have never seen it under 150.00 and that sure as shit isn't for 50mg. I also have never seen them. Not saying its fake, but if its legit I'd stock up.
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    Oral only cycle = I'm afraid of needles. And did I actually read "aromasin pct"?

    Yes, you'll get results, but they'll be lacklustre and expensive. If you want the Anavar to shine, just use a TRT dose of test to maintain normal bodily functions. Your cycle will go so much smoother.

    I did a superdrol only cycle a few years back and I felt like absolute garbage as the weeks went on. Granted, sdrol is much more suppressive than anavar, but the only drug that I've heard of that can replace test other than test is trestolone.

    Also, that's insanely cheap for var. I'd be surprised if you didn't buy winstrol.
  17. hurricane

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    I'm gonna agree with test subject on this one. Most will want to use 40-50mg per day for 6-8 weeks. That's a fukin expensive cycle for what little you'll get out of it. People have some sort of fukd up opinion of anavar being this magical cutting drug that is without risk. Wrong! Cholesterol is a definate concern while on. While liver damage isn't as pronounced as other harsh orals its still a possibility. Yes there have been studies done proving lipolysis and increased metabolic rate. There are also studies disproving that. Those on a drastically reduced cutting cycle will find this drug useful as promoting hardness and vascularity. Also for elite athletes looking for an increased athletic edge it is ideal since it can't cause water retention and won't cause size gains that make it obvious your on gear. My opinion: if your the average bodybuilder doing one or two cycles a year this is a shitty choice. It will still shut you down, the price is insane(even if you can find real var). If your not under 10%bf or lower don't bother. All in all your bang for the buck blows. If your only going to use orals why not use one where you'll see results.
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    Okay, so it's insanely cheap for var for the amount I got... So you guys think it's winstrol?

    What if it's actually winstrol? Still worth taking standalone? Is it possible that it's a combo of d-bol and winstrol? I'm trying to gain size mainly, but not so fast that people think I'm cycling.

    I ordered a labmax test so we'll see.... I'm much more hesitant to take an oral now that I know the effects on cholesterol. I'd rather go Test-E for 10-12 weeks with aromasin on cycle and hcg bridge into nolvadex/aromasin pct.

    Also, I've read that people who have access to legit prescription oxandrin (var) get massive results off 20mg daily...
  19. hurricane

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    In my humble opinion I would be shocked if that's var. Massive results off of 20 mg of var?? That's just bullshit. You won't see massive results off of 50mg. Like said, its a muscle hardener that will increase vascularity and probably raise your metabolism. Stick with the test e for 12 weeks. Or at least wait until you find out what your oral really is.
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  20. Test_Subject

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    If it's legit var, I want in on your source, because that's unheard of.

    I'd bet money that it's winstrol, and taking winstrol by itself is a good way to shut yourself down hard and get a nice few weeks of joint pain.
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