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    I have a friend who wants to run an Anavar only cycle. I have no experience at all with this so I have no advice for him. Can anyone chime in on this as far as if it’s ok to run alone? I never give advice when I know nothing on the subject. Thanks in advance fellas.
  2. It's ill advised and i can almost guarantee he won't be happy with the results, and if he is, he sure as hell won't be blown away.

    Anavar causes suppression of natural testosterone. To what degree depends on the person, the dosage and duration.

    No/low Test is likely going to have your friend feeling shitty with possible sexual side effects. Not a guarantee, of course, but certainly a possibility.

    In a nutshell, could he do it? Yes. Should he do it? i wouldn't advise it. If he's serious about this lifestyle, then the needle is unavoidable.
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    I ran orals for years and blew up, but it all came off again. You’ll be hard pressed to find a beast built on just orals. Easy come, easy go. Getting anywhere in this game is a result of hard work and a good diet. For years.

    99% of those wanting to start orals and post to this forum, are looking for a quick fix to getting big and/or strong, and should look into their training and eating habits rather than start toying with roids.

    How old is your friend? How many years has he worked out for? Is he Looking for mass or strength? What’s his stats?

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    Terrible idea to run Anavar alone. Running it on a first cycle is not recommended least by me.
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    Anavar sucks for males
    still ok for fitness females.

    Oral-only cycles suck
    but he can get some results out of high dose turinabol for 6 weeks,
    Tbol +Anadrol/Dianabol
    or Winstrol + Anadrol/Dianabol.

    Contrary to popular belief, Anavar + Anadrol Dianabol doesn't work fine as Var has low affinity for the Androgen Receptor, same as Adrol/Dbol.
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    Why do you say var sucks for males ? I absolutely love anavar