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  1. Topcal11

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    I have some Anavar powder.
    I'm looking to make 50ml at 40mg per ml..

    I have a few queries which im happy to pay someone to help me with as I want to make a batch ASAP and I have wasted money on a previous batch hat didn't go into suspension The recipe I used for 20mg/per ml was

    -1gram Anavar
    -49ml PEG 300

    1. Can I make it using Peg 300 only or is it advisable to use Bacardi 151 along with it.

    2. I have read a lot on making liquid Anavar here at the forum, but I'm confused with making it at 40mg per ml?
    Is it harder to get it in suspension at 40mg/ml?

    3. What's the most effective recipe for 40mg or 20mg if (40mg is difficult to get into solution).

    Thank you
    Keep strong
  2. Docd187123

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    If you want a suspension just mix the Anavar with glycerin or Ora plus. It's simple. You can add some everclear to thin it out a bit
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  3. Titan Tech

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    Doc is right. You can make a suspension of pretty much anything. You asked "is it harder to get in suspension at 40mg/mL?" The answer is its really easy but it sounds like you are unaware of a suspension vs. solution. Suspension means the raw powder hasn't been fully broken down and is still visible in the liquid. Solution is when the liquid has become 100% transparent clean and clear. One thing to note, as long as your formula/dosage is right, there isnt much of a difference between the 2 besides the look. So idk why many ppl are so concerned with wanting a solution over a suspension besides just having a clean look.

    I've made var at 40mg/mL using 50/50 PEG400 and VG. It was def not a solution but still worked just fine as a suspension.

    You can use the formula you stated if you want tho I think 100% PEG is overkill. I would do:

    1g of var (20mg/mL) inside 25mL of PEG, heat until the var is not visible any longer, let cool, add 24 mL of alcohol.

    You can do the same with 2g of var (40mg/mL) just displace another mL of alcohol or PEG.

    If you use all PEG itll work fine itll just be super thick....
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  4. Topcal11

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    These are just the answers I need thank you so much Titan tech and Doc187123
    These are just the answers I need thank you so much Titan tech and Doc187123! Thank you Guys
    To recap
    1. To make 40mg per ml
    I use ora plus (this one okay )

    Or glycerine ()

    I can't get ever clear so is Bacardi 151 okay?

    What ratios would you use to make 50ml at 40mg of anavar (is it 2 grams of anavar)

    Thanks so much Doc187123
    This could save me a lot of time and money after my first attempt. I really appreciate your help.
  5. Topcal11

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    Thank you your absolutely right with this Titans Tech! Suspension and solution. Good point.

    1. Would a Suspension still work fine with a pippette for dosing?

    2. What temperature would you heat the Peg 300 with the var what temperature do you go to? Do you gradually add the alcohol once it's of the heat or when it's cool

    3. I would like to make 50ml at 40mg per Ml..........
    When you say "I've made var at 40mg/mL using 50/50 PEG400 and VG" what is VG??

    4. So to recap, please correct me if I'm right or wrong here... I'm going to use 2g of var (to make 40mg/ml) so I'm going to use 26ml of Peg 300 (which I heat with the var) and then 25 ml of alcohol (added after the mix has dissolved and is cooler)
    5. Another point is I can't get everclear, which alcohol can you use and get away? Or does it have to be Bacardi 151?
    Thank you so much for your help
    After wasting my first batch having this advise is fantastic. Really appreciate it..
    Keep Strong
  6. ickyrica

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    you won't be able to get Bacardi 151 much longer. I believe it was recently discontinued. stock up!
  7. Topcal11

    Topcal11 Junior Member

    Any alternatives??
  8. ickyrica

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    everclear... have some mailed to you...
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  9. Titan Tech

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    Your formula looks good except your alcohol and PEG equals 51 mL... You want a total of 48mL if were being exact.

    Pure var has a melting point of 235 C (455 F) You can get a temp gun cheap at walmart. I just put my stove top to Low-Med and set the beaker on it... In 15-20 mins the var should raws should dissolve in the PEG. I would let it cook for another 20 mins or so but this is just my protocol for all of my brewing (I like to be sure raws are broken down)

    If you are going with alcohol take the beaker off the stove after you heat the var, main thing is you do not want it HOT as 151 or everclear will ignite lol so just let it get back to warm and add alcohol slowly.

    Note, VG is Vegetable Glycol. It is cheap and you can find it online. I use it for all orals, it actually tastes somewhat pleasant by itself. Very sweet. Pros to using VG is taste and its not a fire hazard compared to alcohol. This would be my suggestion over ethenol or 151, but thats just me
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  10. ddp7

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    Seems to be a hard process for me. Can I mix the raw powder with an isotonic drink? I mean 100 - 200cc of isotonic drink with 30mg of powder? Thanks in advance.
  11. Usmc88

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    Will it ignite if its already mixed in? I had a failed attempt at a solution with var as well. wondering if I could heat it some more?
  12. Titan Tech

    Titan Tech Member

    I know a couple old timers that literally ate raw winny powder by itself. By no means am I suggesting to do this. It doesnt really matter what your carrier is, long as it isn't going to degrade the powder your body is going to absorb it. Ive never had any experience washing orals down with 100-200cc of any liquid, I would be scared of peeing most of it out. I've always taken my doses 20-30mins apart from water.

    But Isotonic, Hypotonic, and Hypertonic... to be honest idk if there would be much of a different result between them if youre just throwing the powder in and mixing it... dont quote me there just my educated guess

    But if you can weigh out 30mgs at a time individually... the concept of putting your raws inside liquid in theory would work but I wouldn't use that much liquid.
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  13. Titan Tech

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    I've never reheated after mixing with alcohol, and one of the reasons why I hardly ever used alcohol. Why dont you just shake thoroughly until the suspension is proportionally even throughout the bottle? Unless a significant amount of powder is stuck on the walls, you would still have the same dose/potency if it were a solution...
  14. Usmc88

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    Well you nailed my issue...half the powder is on the side of the beaker
  15. Titan Tech

    Titan Tech Member

    Damn... What kind of glass is it in?
  16. Usmc88

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    Its a 150ml beaker dont recall exactly what kind. Ordered from med lab supply
  17. Titan Tech

    Titan Tech Member

    Oh literally a beaker, how does that happen?? The powder get stuck on the sides of your beaker?! Did you not transfer to a dropper bottle or anything?

    Reheat it if everything is still in the beaker, just move temp slow and keep an eye on it. I would take it off in 1-2 minute intervals and give it a few swirls. Repeat until it comes off the glass.

    This may only be a temporary fix tho, in my exp if you didnt get it the first time itll keep crashing
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  18. ddp7

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    ***I mean a little gatorade service or similar with the raw.
  19. Topcal11

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    Thanks so much Titan Tech,
    You have been incredibly helpful and saved me hours here..

    So to recap people use PEG300 and Alcohol to primarily get the mixture into solution (not Suspension)? Is that correct..

    I threw the old fixture I did away..

    But I feel I'm going to go with ur mix you suggest.
    I'm going to use the VG vegetable glycol..
    So to make 40mg/ ml with this method
    1. Simply mix 2g of Anavar with 48ml of VG..

    2. Does it need to be heated to get into solution (if so what temp)

    3. Will the mixture be thick or is it fine to be used with a pippette.

    Thanks so much again I've wasted and spent so much time and money on this I really appreciate your guidelines.

    Stay Strong
  20. Topcal11

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    Titan Tech... also if the VG is a substitute for the alcohol... would you still use PEG300 is it essential to have that in??