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    Hi everyone, my wife is looking to use Anavar again, and this time we want to test to make sure it is anavar, and if possible to also test tablet is 10mg. I know of labmax and roidtest, but to be honest I don't find either site well written, and I am left unsure exactly what is being tested (for labmax for example I am not clear if test is simply to say substance is either anavar or winny, or will specifically say is anavar).

    So I would like your advice on which test is better, and which will specifically tell us we have anavar, and if possible also confirm strength of the tablets.

    Thanks in advance
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    A big source of info is, they've tested A lot of anavar there
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    Yes, I do use that site a lot as well, but would like to do a test myself as well. For me I am not so worried, but for my wife I want to make sure it is what we think it is.
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    Labmax is pretty good and reliable, i have used it before. You crush 1/8 of a 10mg tablet into powder then put it into the labmax test vial.... the vial has yellow liquid in it already BEFORE you put anything into it, after 15mins the liquid will turn dark olive green if winistrol and light yellow green if Anavar..
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    Awesome, thanks Blue bell

  6. Labmax and Roidtest all they can tell you is if there is presence of the compound. It cannot tell you the purity, not can it identify any impurities. As men, we can handle a lot, but for your lady, should take all precarious available. That said, we have our own @Analyzer. Read the thread related to his service. He a valuable resource and a game changer! Highly recommended.
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    Thanks IM. I just read through @Analyzer intro thread. He seems a very useful option. I wasn't clear on where he was based though. Do you know if he is US or EU based, just thinking for timescale/risk on posting to US samples (I am in EU)
  8. It’s a realy insightful thread, if you can look past the Mercury shit storm.

    I dont know where he is based out of. But send him an email. I know plenty here that have used his service successfully. He can better elaborate on how he wants you to send out the samples.
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    Roid tests have worked well for me. Buying a tested brand seen on anabolic lab plus a home kit is about as good as its going to get.