Anavar test e beginner cycle help please

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by Johnnygc1, May 27, 2016.

  1. Johnnygc1

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    So I'm looking forward to this lean bulk cycle and this is my cycle idea not sure if I'm on the right track should I add or drop anything, this is my very first cycle any help or advice would be appreciated.

    Weeks 1-4
    500mgs of test e (split in to two days
    Weeks 4-10
    500mgs of test e (split in to two days
    Mon&Thurs)/ Anavar 50mg ED
    *Weeks 1-10 will incude
    hcg 250 iu 2 times a week
    week 13-16: clomid 100/100/50/50
    nolva 40/40/20/20

    Should I add armidex somewhere in there, do you guys think it's necessary?
  2. Malibumatt

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    You should add adex at least 1mg a week. Probably split in two dose of .5mg. Get bloods done week 4/5 and check your e2 level. The hcg will just keep you from testicular atrophy, by you need and AI.

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  3. georgehe

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    i would start hcg at week 4 and your pct is a bit overkill.
    50/50/25/25 clomid and 40/40/20/20 is more than enough.
    test e for 10 weeks i dont know, why dont u run a shorter ester like propionate? or do 12 weeks with double dose on week 1.
    I would 30mg of dbol or 50mg tbol for the first month if you keep the enathate and I agree with the AI on hand, definetely.
    Have fun
  4. Johnnygc1

    Johnnygc1 Junior Member

    Alright bro thanks will add that in thanks
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  5. Johnnygc1

    Johnnygc1 Junior Member

    Ya I was kind of thinking the clomid was overkill but wasn't sure I'll try that instead thanks for the advice bro means a lot that you guys help out
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