Andre the Giant

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    Legend has it that he lifted 2,000 pounds. In the documentary Hulk Hogan say he was the strongest wrestler there was. It also says he didn't really lift.

    He obviously didn't lift that much and wasn't stronger than the rest of them. My question is how strong was he? Does the giant syndrome or whatever he has make him significantly stronger?
  2. Unless there's video of him doing so in the WWE vaults, then it's all really "cool story, bro!" from those that were around him, back in the day.

    Some of his matches were hard to watch. You could see how hard it was for him to be as big as he was. Especially when he was in any position other than standing still.

    Getting up from a seated position, for example, just looked awkward and painful for him.
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    In his younger days he was actually a hell of an athlete, much more mobile than the WWE run that most remember him for. For example:

    To the OP, Andre was strong despite not being a weight lifter of any kind. But obviously you need to be skeptical about the specifics because Hogan, Vince, etc are notorious bullshit artists. Comes with the territory.
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