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Discussion in 'Men's Health Forum' started by m_ob, Oct 19, 2011.

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    m_ob Member

    Its been awhile since I've posted (probably a good thing) and I've got a few questions. My doc recently decided it would be an amazing idea to switch my from 4 pumps of androgel 1% to to pumps of the androgel 1.62%. Now even if the potency is higher I am still getting less overall T. Will this really matter? It comes out at around 3.24 compared to the previous 4.
    My last lab for testosterone came back around 900 ng/dl in the afternoon. I apply at night and at the time was on 4 pumps. Will this change be of any significance and also, because I'm on hcg as well will this even matter? Sometimes I think I'd be better off switching to hcg and injections.
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    We have seen better absorption with the new androgel, Guys are getting up into the 1000 range no problem even with adrenal related issues.
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    m_ob Member

    How many guys are you talking? and at 2 pumps?
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    2 pumps average is about 400-550
    4 pumps 7-1000

    around 100 guys have swtiched over, getting them off compounded stuff since androgel has coupons for insurance.
    Feel better with FDA regulated drugs, if they are able to absorb.
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    m_ob Member

    So say the 2 pumps gets me to about 500, the hcg figured in should get me up around 1,000 at some point?
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    Depends on your response to HCG. I am finding that people on HCG start to down regulate for some reason after 3-4 months even on 350 ius EOD which started out at 6-700 TT. What about DAA? It may give enough bump to push you into the 600-700 range.
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    m_ob Member

    I do 150 IU a day now. I think I'm still sensitive to it.
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    Every ones requirements are different, Some guys need 150 EOD others may 50 EOD. When using hcg on TRT it is not used to bump T just to keep the LH receptors stimulated and alive. Taking this approach has resulted in less e2 increases as well as getting the benefit of LH through out the body
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    cumkwakka Junior Member

    ey Money Over Biches

    wassup man? doing good i hope

    hows life on androgel? where are the before and after pics you built some muscle right? what are you eating these days?

    glad to see you not posting much that means you must be doing pretty good!

    cheers man
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    m_ob Member

    Shits good. I'll be starting wrestling in about three weeks. Weights up to 180, diets mainly just eat whatever and I'm doing a three day split, lifting everyday. Max bench has gone up to 265, squatting around 390 and just feeling pretty good.
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    biceps72 Member

    haven't tried the new more powerful androgel.

    I got to 1800 total test on 10 g/day using 1%. Too high although i felt great.

    I can get to 600-700 easy on 5 to 7.5 g/day. I an trying ti use the minimum because I want tominimize my adex usage.

    if gels work for you-- you are better off imho.
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    chemman Member

    Why are gel users better off than guys doing shots, especially if they are frequent shots that keep T levels from large swings?
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    jonkobeck Member

    Ok I switched 3 months ago from 1% to 1.6
    I was on 4 pumps of 1% and went to 2 pumps of 1.6 and my total T went from 550 to 400
    Then went up to 3 pumps and I only went up to 405
    Now I just started 4 pumps a day of the 1.6 androgel. I hope this brings me up
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    CaptSpaulding Junior Member

    I am in my mid 40s and work out hard 5 to 6 days a week. Been lifting for 25 years. Last June I started on 200mg injections of testosterone every two weeks as I was feeling tired throughout the day, had pain in my joints and muscles and was losing muscle mass, gaining body fat and when I was lifting I had no sensation of getting a pump. My free testos went up from 509 to 944. In mid Oct I switched to androgel 1% 4 pumps a day, for a month, until my insurance co approved the 1.62% for 2 pumps a day. In Dec I started to feel crappy all over again. So at the end of Jan we tested my levels and my free testos had gone down to 255. Doctors suggested I increase to 3 pumps a day, which I have done for a week and I feel the same. Today one of the docs is suggesting going back to injections while the other is suggesting I go to 4 pumps a day.

    Obviously I am one of those guys who is not absorbing the gel properly and it has wreaking havoc on my body. This is by far the worst I have felt in years and not sure how to fix it. I do not like the idea of having to take the injections for the next 20 years and had hoped the gel would have been a better option for delivery and would more closely mimic my own body's production.
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    jonkobeck Member

    Capt I was having wild swings on the gels. I recently went on the pellets. My total T last check was 900 and I'm much more stable.
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    Gator8 Member

    Big win for big pharma. Less medication in the 1.6 so you need to buy more of it. The 1.0 costs the same as 1.62 for one month. But the 1.62 at 2 pumps is the same dose as 3 pumps of 1.0. One month of 1.0 gives you 4 pumps. So 1 percent is cheaper unless you have a problem with the volume.

    The big pharma girls that visit the doc each month are pushing the new stuff and promoting titrating you up to 3 to get you back where you started with 4 pumps of 1.0. If you disect the PI sheet, you'll find they compared apples to oranges to hide the data.
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    jonkobeck Member

    For some strange reason, and I'm not sure why, I absorbed the 1% much better then the 1.62
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    johnnyblue12000 Junior Member

    So did everyone else. Myself included. 3 pumps of 1.62 does not bring me to where I was with 4 pumps of 1%. If I up the 1.62 to 4 pumps then I will need twice as much 1.62 which means it will cost twice as much money to get the same results as the 1%. I am beginning to think that the makers of androgel know exactly what they are doing. Unfortunately I for one have felt horrible with many of the symptoms of low testosterone after switching to 1.62 only to find out that the dosing is all screwed up.

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