Androgel vs Injectible Testosterone

Discussion in 'Men's Health Forum' started by tomguy, May 5, 2005.

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    tomguy Junior Member

    Is there any official calculation for determining eqivalent dosing of androgel vs. Injectible testosterone? I had been taking 125 mg. testosterone cypionate IM injection/once a week with good results, but recently (within the last month) tried switching to AndroGel with my new doctor. I have asked my doctor what the prescribed 5 gram/day AndroGel is delivering compared to what I was getting before from the shots, but get vague answers. As best I can tell from reading the AndroGel product insert, the 5 gram AndroGel is giving me 35 mg. per week vs. the 125 mg I used to get from shots? Is this still comparable given the different delivery methods?
    While I haven't lost any strength, I don't feel as energetic. My total testosterone is 636. While on Cypionate I was on the high end of the scale (if not over it) most of the time and felt pretty good.
    Thanks for any comments.
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    mranak Junior Member

    No, there is not official equivalent. Absorption of the testosterone from androgel (and other factors) will vary from person to person; sometimes significantly.

    5grams of Androgel contains 50mg of testosterone. According to the package insert, about 10% of the testosterone is absorbed (which gives us the 35mg/week that you mentioned).

    Btw: After you remove the ester weight from 125mg of testosterone cypionate, you are left with about 90mg of testosterone.
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    Davevanza Junior Member

    As 5g of TestoGel = 50mg of Testosterone ( here in Australia the brand is TestoGel,and only available in 5g pack), I rather take Andriol Testocaps 40mg = 25mg Testosterone.

    I used to get Reandron/Nebido ( Testosterone Undecanoate)1000mg, the effect was better than Sustanon 250mg/3 weeks injections. With Reandron 1000mg, my libido increased instantly within 2 days of injection. But the problem is I only get 4 injections/ year.

    With Andriol 40mg = 25mg Testosterone, I'm taking 6 caps/day = 150mg testosterone/day, while TestoGel 10g/day delivers 100mg Testosterone.

    Both Andriol and TestoGel/AndroGel 's absorption is erratic, while Reandron/Nebido injection is not.

    As I'm getting 180 caps of Andriol/ month with only $5.50 ( as I'm on DSP), I tried to inject 10caps twice/week ( The active ingredient is the same as in Nebido/Reandron-> Testosterone Undecanoate, with Castor oil and Propylene-glycol-monolaurate), making a total of 20 caps = 800mg of Testosterone Undecanoate/ week-> = 9600mg Testosterone Undecanoate/ 3 months as opposed to only 1000mg of Testosterone Undecanoate/ 3 months of Nebido/Reandron.)

    The method is simple, i just pierced through the caps drawing out the oil into the syringe using 23 gauge needle. In this way, I'm gettingmore Testosterone than using the Gels or oral Capsules.


    The big problem is severe diarrhea all weeks long....... I don't know whether it is caused by the Castor oil or Propylene-glycol-monolaurate.....

    The second problem is, I don't get the libido enhancing effect, like the Nebido injection/Andriol oral/ Gels.... NO EFFECT AT ALL !!!

    Maybe, it could be because the alteration of the Testosterone molecules, that is different when it is supposed to be used as an injection, oral, or gels.

    Anyone can clarify on this ??
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    Stop playing backyard chemist and use medicaiton as they were meant to be administered.
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    jlguitar Junior Member

    why did you switch to gels there a pain in the ass to have to apply them every day.
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    brianf7 Junior Member

    Testogel is same as androgel in a lot of people testogel simply dose not absorbe into the blood and you wont find out untill you get a blood test.

    I have been useing andro fort a cream daily on scrotal skin it works as good as anything fast and eficent.

    But prefer ethenate simple injection every 16-18 days and all done do it your self easy

    andriol is good but very short acting and can upset stomach at times
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    JintsForever Junior Member

    I used Androderm for 2 to 3 years and then used androgel for the next 6 years. I think they both absorbed the same; just Androgel was easier to apply and didn't leave marks. I started on Andriol and used it for 6 months and then went off of it for 4 years using vitamins with mammal extract. They didn't cut and I got back on Andriol 2 years ago. I like that Andriol absorbs in the intestines and doesn't make the liver toxic. I'm trying to understand what others are posting as I feel motivated when I take Andriol every 10 to 11 hours now when I used to take every 12 hours as prescribed. My doctor suggested 3 Andriol a day but I felt uncomfortable or overwhelmed if you will as the third one started taking effect. Should I accept this and know that my motivation will increase or know that taking Andriol every 10 to 11 hours if adequate for my body? Any comments?

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