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    We are proud to announce the first company to accept payment in Crypto-Currency for sports and bodybuilding supplements. Currently we are selling bulk raw material of Post Cycle Therapy powders, and Prohormone powders, etc but plan on producing tablets in the near future. Products will come in concealed, discrete and unlabeled. If you’re tired of paying a lot of money for a short Prohormone or pct cycle try us out, eliminate the middle man and pay 50-70% below market price $/g. Shipping is $50 may vary based on location. Payment Methods include Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Peercoin.


    1-testosterone (prohormone) $960/100g $5250/1kg

    Trenavol (Estra-4, 9-diene-3, 17-dione) $840/100g $3600/kg

    DHEA $280/100g $1500/kg

    Post Cycle Therapy

    7-keto DHEA $400/100g $2100/1kg

    clomid $260/100g $1500/kg

    nolvadex $240/100g $1100/kg

    letrozole $500/100g $2500/kg

    arimidex $2000/100g $9000/kg

    tadalafil/cialis $240/100g $1100/kg

    We offer a larger variety of performance products, but didn’t list it due to varying laws in every country. If you would like to see the full list of products or have any questions email us at
    Send us pgp public key for encryption if you would like. Your security is important to us so we offer the best payment method available. Give us a chance and you will see that we will rival all others.

    Note: we are willing to help those who are not tech savy learn how to use Bitcoin and Litecoin. I would like you guys to learn how easy it can be and the ease of mind you'll have knowing that you no longer have to make WU or MG payments using your own I.D.'s
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    Gmail ?
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    Manual PGP encryption is the most secure method possible if you need help We'll be more than happy. I know a lot of people might not know how to use PGP so we are going to be getting securynm.net email soon.
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    Certainly not shy about the weight you're pushing, are you? Lots of questions that have answers that should be discussed behind closed doors.
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    Security is our priority. Don't let the gmail scare you off. We have a technical team who knows what they're doing. as I write this I'm in china.... now Norway... now France... now netherland... I think you get the point. ohh im not using tor by the way lol
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    What do you mean sir?
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    To guys that may be interested in these folks, and we're all aware that pct and AI's are needed, I'd encourage you to take him up on his offer to show you how to use the security measures he brought up.
    Smart sources and sources that are in it for the long haul will encourage and some will demand using PGP key encryption. It's been around for many years. I was first introduced to it back in 07. Some have the argument that It could be LE on one end in which case there will be a safe and secure conversaion/email conversation between a citizen and LE.
    It's all about layers. Hopefully both parties going into a transaction have references and a fairly good reason to think they aren't having a conversation with LE.
    Take this guy up on all he;s offering. I remember herc opened up saying he had bitcoin as a payment option and at the time payment was a hot button topic here. Just because a source says they have all these wonderful safety measures as OPTIONS doesn't mean they actually use them. In other words it could be lip service to give a false sense of security. If it's offered,,use it. And by doing so you'll be doing the board and community service by reporting back if this guy is fucking full of shit or a breath of fresh air.
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    I assure I will take the highest precaution when dealing with customers from strict Countries. The reason I accept crypto as a method is because I believe in it. Governments around the world are consolidating to much power. Crypto is a chance to take some of that power back!
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    here is our public key if you would like to see what we have to offer!

    Version: Mailvelope v0.7.0
    Comment: Email security by Mailvelope - Mailvelope

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    more sources need to follow this.

    post your PGP key... and let the customer go from there.

    if the customer needs help... post up on the main board with a thread and many of us will help out where we can.

    security should be paramount!!! don't take it for granted. YOU need to take responsibility for your future.
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    I'm sure once people give us a chance we start to gain a huge following here on the best forum on the internet. We plan on being very active here on the board and try to make any positive contribution possible.
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    Before I log off Just want to leave a safe-mail adress for those tht dont know PGP but want see the full list of our Raws.
    Be safe go Crypto!
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    All right bro's in order to garner some interest. 100g min

    1st. 5 people that order get 25% off
    2nd. 5 that order 20% off
    3rd. 5 that order 15% off
    4th. 5 that order 10% off
    5th. 5 that order 5% off
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    Slow down a minute there ace. Did I miss you say we could contact you for refs that you have? What other forums/boards do you or have you serviced? If you say none and that you are very active locally would you please bring someone here?
    By disclosing who they are and allowing a short ? and answer session would be helpful. Any argument you may have against this I respectfully ask that you leave that up to me or us to decide,
    You talk a different game but we hate safe-mail and if you haven't noticed I'm pretty slick myself so we're not overly impressed at this point.
    Why in the fuck would you think we're gonna jump and throw down for raws we know nothing about the origin of....or satisfaction of past customers....or purity of theoug mass spec or other tests.
    In short we assume you to be selling a pipe dream. We aren't desperate enough to buy a slick sales pitch touting top notch security when we don't know if your product deserves to be considered a viable option to other product already here.
    My recommendation, which carries 100 times the weight of yours, sir, is to not buy a fucking thing from this guy.....yet. You're quite the arrogant little bugger, aren't you?
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    I don't believe I'm arrogant. Every sponsor started off somewhere and this where I thought I might start because it is the only board that doesn't censure post to favor sponsors. I've been around long enough to know that most of the other boards host sponsors that paid for their seat and had zero references. I dont like safe-mail myself but I only posted it for users that dont know how to use PGP which im certainly willing to help others learn. We ship china raws with 99% purity. I thought I could let members know where they are getting their stuff from behind close doors, and assumed most ppl knew where we are located based on our shipping rates. I'm a humble, honest and intellectual person and I dont expect ppl to just support me on merits that they cant measure with out history but the facts are I havent sold on the boards before. I have sold locally to fellow gym rats but they are not going to come on a board create a new user and start posting about how great my product is and how the felt like superman when they were on my tren<- true stories....Just so I can get bashed for creating a new handle and hyping my self. The fact is no one is going to appear and start talking me up like some of the scammers that appeared here before with fake accounts. The only ppl that will post success stories here are the ones that give me a chance and thats the truth. God bless
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    What labs would you like to see Test E, Deca, and tren?
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    Give it to him ben!
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    Any vets willing to try some finished product manufacture using our RAWS? Local, 10ml of Test 400, Deca 300, and Dbol... We want to prove our stuff is the best all I need we need is a chance. I haven't been spamming the board I haven't been trying to private email all the posted emails on this board, just patiently waiting for those to see how easy it can be to use Crypto-Currency in exchange for goods! For those that have already requested a list, the prices are listed in $ but they are converted to bitcoin before payment.
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    Since bitcoin exchange rates change so fast, how long do you honor the converted price for?
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    Well I would expect payments to be made the day of the order given with the transaction ID as proof. This way that the coins could be liquidated the day of purchase. However, I would honor the agreed upon payment of Bitcoin when order is placed up to 24hrs if your having trouble purchasing Bitcoins. At coinbase.com Bitcoins can be purchased instantly so this shouldn't be a problem. I would suggest that members set up their coinbase accounts first before placing an order with Cryptobolics that way payments can be placed with orders on the same day and we can process shipping much faster. If you have any more questions feel free to ask