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  1. boosydoosy

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    This would keep me from ordering because Escrow is available now in market places. Why should I give anything to you before I know you shipped anything when I don't have to? I know that is the way it was done before, but why do it now?

    Escrow is perfect and my vendor uses it. This means I get to hold my gear as I'm releasing the funds to them - not before and never before. Safest way to buy gear and my vendors guarantees domestic delivery. Guarantees!.
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    Have some etiquette and don't post about your source in another sources thread. Also bashing a source while your pimping another one looks bad as well
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  3. boosydoosy

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    I didn't name my source and I wouldn't do that in this thread.

    All I was saying is why use all of the protection and leave out Escrow. This is going to keep this guy from getting the customers he needs. My vendor has customers, so it really doesnt matter.

    I hope my message was seen as a suggestion, not a bash.

    I ask this questions again. If you had 2 vendors that you could verify in the exact same way, would you rather
    A) Use an escrow and see it there until you get your gear
    B) send money and not see a thing till you get your delivery.

    PS: Approx 1/2 of all steroid orders are scams and are never shipped per the US governement (they did a study back in 2008 I believe). So beyond there being a good source, 1/2 the time you don't even get anything. Escrow eliminates this problem - This eliminates 1/2 your own risk..... sorry but this is just true gents
  4. Cryptobolics

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    The way I see it why rip one customer off and make a few hundred $ when I can run a legitimate business and make thousands. I dont get why sources scam, its short term temporary money. Cryptobolics is trying to establish itself as a long term source.
  5. DigEm

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    Cos you don't scam on customer duh. You lure a lot of people in and then you scam a ton at once. Big money BAM! Then you just change name and do it again. Happens ALL THE TIME.
  6. Cryptobolics

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    It's seems harder work to scam then it is to set up a legit business. I'm legit and I still haven't secured 1 online customer as of yet and your saying the same guy can do it over and over again? I highly doubt that considering how hard it is to gain ppls trust.
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    Sir, i am a newb and want to know the meaning of PGP, thanks!
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    Why the hell would a source let you 'hold the gear' and not give payment? Holding it in escrow means shit because all you have to do is say it never came.
    I understand being skeptical and not wanting to get scammed, but this is a perfect way to get reversed scammed.
  9. petrx

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    Why would you screw up a business relationship with a legitimate source?
  10. Cryptobolics

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    hey bros business has been really slow here but we're still going to be around. We haven't been marketing hard or spamming the boards because it is not our goal to become the biggest company. We will be going private as soon as we achieve health economy!
  11. ThunderNuts

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    lol I am not naive or new. The reverse scammers are just as diligently working to take sources as equally as hard as scammer sources are looking to take a man's hard earned money.
  12. Cryptobolics

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    We've decided to just post our full list here for those that are interested since we are shipping from a country where its legal. Payment Methods include Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Peercoin.


    1-testosterone (prohormone) $960/100g $5250/1kg

    Trenavol (Estra-4, 9-diene-3, 17-dione) $840/100g $3600/kg

    DHEA $280/100g $1500/kg


    Testosterone base $250/100g $1000/kg

    Testosterone Cypionate $280/100g $1500/kg

    Testosterone Enanthate $280/100g $1500/kg

    Testosterone Phenylprop $280/100g $1500/kg

    Testosterone Propionate $250/100g $1000/kg

    Dianabol $520/100g $2300/kg

    Winstrol $500/100g $2100/kg

    Nandrolone Deca&phen $500/100g $2500/kg

    turinabol $700/100g $5200/kg

    Trenbolone E&Ace $980/100g $7500/kg

    Post Cycle Therapy

    7-keto DHEA $400/100g $2100/1kg

    clomid $260/100g $1500/kg

    nolvadex $240/100g $1100/kg

    letrozole $500/100g $2500/kg

    arimidex $2000/100g $9000/kg

    tadalafil/cialis $240/100g $1100/kg
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