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Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by RThoads, Mar 26, 2018.

  1. RThoads

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    Hey everyone,

    I am a long time member of this community and as such my priority is maintaining my integrity here -- I am a peer, a customer, and loyal to my brothers. Therefore, I want to take a moment to share this information with all my MESO brothers.
    I would like to announce that I have accepted some work with Pharmacom (basicstero) helping edit some print materials and doing rep work on a couple board.

    Others have offered me rep work and I have declined because I have integrity (I will only represent and contribute to something I believe in and have personal experience using over the course of many years).

    I stand by this company NOT because they offered me work but because I personally have used them for years and had good results; they have always been good to me, the products have been great, they tested well privately when I sent anonymous samples, and they tested well on AnabolicLab.

    Many of you you know me and know I would only work with a company I personally trust using their products myself.

    I greatly appreciate this community and out of respect for you all I wanted to make this post.

    Thank you

    @Skull @Eman @Wunderpus @mands @bickel29 @Millard Baker
  2. Eman

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    Anyone that has seen me in the underground is probably aware that I don't typically go easy on reps or sources.

    With that said, I am fully supportive of RT's decision to do this... He is making this decision for the right reasons.

    RT is a great source of information and I believe he genuinely enjoys helping others. I have asked for his thoughts on certain things in the past and he's given me full fledged essays worth of knowledge just to be helpful... so I have to think he's going to be pretty good at this job.

    I hope my support speaks for itself.
  3. Kakarot

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    Respect for being transparent about this. I don't necessarily agree with becoming a rep but thanks for being upfront about it.
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  4. CAswole

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    I have never seen this decision go well for a member turned rep, but RT has always struck me as an alright dude. I hope this goes better for him than others in the past.
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  5. penche

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    RT thank you all info in regards to anything through pm brotha. Respect for making this post my man
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  6. bob hughes

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    Forgive my ignorance but what exactly does being a rep mean? Do you just basically promote the source on boards? Or troubleshoot issues with orders? Always see the term rep thrown around but was just curious what it actually entails. Applaud the transparency and good luck with your new endeavor bro
  7. Skull

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    They should feel honored to have someone as knowledgeable, well rounded, trustworthy, an respectful as you @RThoads ......Anybody who has anykind of history with you knows how loyal of a member/brother you are. Their will be no negative nancys comin up in here. Rt bro, you have always been their for me in the past. Ive known you for years an we've gotten close. We all know what kind of intesions you have an they are for the best. I wish you nothin but success on your endeavor an completely respect your decision. Ill proudly stand behind you brother :):cool:
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    As a member who has been around for a few years now, and also who has been friends with RT almost since the time he joined, I feel the need to offer my two cents, whatever they're worth.

    We have seen quite a few members crossover from "member" to "rep" over the years. Sometimes they were transparent, sometimes they just created a new handle (Joe Blow Labs Rep) and never came clean.

    Myself and a handful of others (presumably tagged in RT's post above) were consulted about this over the last month. RT has put a lot of thought into this and attempted to get input from some longer term members and fellas he trusts. Trust me, RT has not taken this decision lightly.

    That said, he also has clearly stated (privately and publicly) that he understands the repercussions. We all understand that his contributions will be viewed differently going forward.

    I don't want to put RT's business out in the street, and I won't, but I'll just say that if there is such a thing as "doing this for the right reasons", RT is doing so.

    Personally, I have never used Pharmacom and have no plans to do so. Never the less, I do support RT as a friend and wish you good luck with this, buddy.
  9. Just1more

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    Good luck and thank you for being up front and honest. Have fun with the ton of pm's you' ll probably be getting.
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  10. ickyrica

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    Good luck with the endeavour RT!!
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  11. Eman

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    Oh damn... Droppin fucking Bowie in this shit. Love it.
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  12. mands

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    @RThoads I appreciate your honesty and transparency. Hope all goes well with this. I have known you for a while now and you have always been a stand up guy.

    Hope all is well. We will talk soon.

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  14. Apexvallen

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    It doesn't quite work like that when someone has proven time and time again that they are here for the community.
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  15. Wunderpus

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    You will be a good liaison between Pcom and the community, assuming they allow you to do so. Their biggest short coming, in my opinion, is their handling our their customers within our community. Hopefully this resolves many of those issues.
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  16. Harmswhey

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  17. RThoads

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    Thank you all for the kind words and support.

    Thanks. And, honestly, I do not know what other reps have done or how they do things. All I speak to is myself -- I will simply continue to do what I have always done, answer questions, help people, give advice etc but now I will also try my best to offer help in terms of navigating the basicstero website, communicating news, and representing the community's concerns and wants to Pharmacom.

    If I had not made this announcement no one would notice any difference in my posts -- I am not changing at all and I will "promote" only as I have already done so -- things I know about and have used myself.

    lol ok, no hard feelings, I get it and I would make jokes too if the shoe was on the other foot.

    However, time will prove to anyone that I am NOT selling out at all.
    I already post and help people, give advice, help them stay up-to-date with info -- nothing really changes.

    My main interest is in helping with the print material and hopefully it can lead to writing articles or some other projects.
    Nothing like a shill at all -- hence, I made this announcement because even though nothing changes about me, I would want the same out of anyone working with a source.
    I hope that alone helps show I am not a sell-out.

    I do not get any secret info or push any agenda -- I just help with writing some written materials and content, and continue to help other members here with communications and information (to the best of my ability).
    I will be the first to say if/when I do not know something -- you won't get any bullshit answers or marketing from me.

    I'll still be here learning from others, getting help, helping when I can, and sharing what I know. I am still a free man that can use other sources products', post where ever I want about any topic, and I still have my own opinions etc.
    Nothing changes about me but now I get the opportunity to use my experience and education to do some work in an area of my own personal interest, passions, and hobby.