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  1. master.on

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    Seems to work fine
    the problem is that you don't know it didn't until it's too late.

    The best thing is to use the same one the destination uses
    i.e. only tutanota to tutanota, proton to proton, etc
    It would be great if a source had different Emails and they only accept incoming Emails from the same company

    Assume they won't be secure
    so use an unrelated device/internet connection to Email, one that can't be traced back to you.
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    I got mail2tor off Tor the question is will the merchants reply to these email addresses.i had protonmail the only thing I did not like about it or there vpn or any service that requires you to log in is the fact that while it is encrypted ,when you log in your ISP knows it ,and even if you are hiding or not you really are trying to hide what you are doing online and as far as I know the isp and gov are intertwined.
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    Tutanota FTW
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    Which leads me to my next question .Most popular source store sites require you to make an account which requires a login password why is that. and trying to do this from a Tor browser you get an alert that a particular site is not secure why is that . Why not just take my order and any particulars of the transaction on a secure connection of agreed choosing,no account or log in data and be done with it.
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    I guess it has to do with https being fairly secure given the low cost, probably comes free with their hosting plan.
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    Should one use an anonymous email for their profile on this site? Or does that not matter here?
    Just made my profile and was wondering if I messed up by just using a new gmail account and need to start over again?
  7. Fasterthenyou

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    You never know who's watching and linking any profile to an insecure or personal email is not a good idea.