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  1. I am the sole proprietor of Anonymous_Anabolics. Since its Anonymous you can just call me X. For now I would like to focus your attention to one simple thing. Meditrope Black Tops. 150iu kits - 15iu per vial × 10 vials.

    *I plan to add more products to my list as time goes on but we can cross that bridge when the time comes.

    $200 Each
    *Includes free 15mL of bacteriostatic water
    *Includes free shipping
    *No minimum

    Payment methods:
    Currently only accepting crypto
    Bitcoin Cash
    *Other cryptocurrencies may possibly be available, can be discussed further through email.

    If need help setting up crypto I can point you in the right direction.

    My safety as well as yours is very important. I use both VPN and TAILS. All emails will be deleted 7 days after shipment, unless you contact me beforehand requesting deletion.

    Shipping: As mentioned earlier shipping is free for orders over $200 (once more products are added to the list, orders under $200 shipping will be $10). Once payment is submitted I can usually get your package out within 24 hours. T/A has been 2-3 days on average.

    Q & A
    1. Where else do/have I sourced?
    No where. Have been private. Was attempting to get approval on SST but all attempts at communication were ignored.

    2. Why MESO?
    I like the way this board is ran. No holds barred. No source is safe and I expect you (the members) to hold me accountable and to a higher standard. We all want the same thing safe quality gear. I don't fuck around with what I put into my body and I don't expect you to either.

    3. Testing? There is countless bloodwork and lab tests done on this product across multiple boards. This is a proven quality product that has stood the test of time. However I will still offer $100 bloodwork credit to first 10 submissions.
    *Once more products are added to my list, we can revisit this topic.

    4. I know you gentlemen have a list of questions you usually hit new sources with but since most pertain to brewing/lab set-up they don't really pertain to me. However if there are any other questions or requests/requirements needed on my part please ask.



    Contact info:
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  2. I currently have 2 kits of the new Mauve Tops left. They're 4mg per vial so they come out to about 12iu (120iu kits). I would like to have a little contest and give them away to try and spark some interest in them, as well as gain some credibility here. What do you guys think?
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  3. Forgot to add US DOMESTIC shop
  4. Eman

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    Are you buying direct from the factory or are you reselling?

    I believe I already know the answer... And it's the reason I suspect that you'll have difficulty keeping enough stock to survive.

    What do you have, about 50 kits there in your stock pic? That's what, enough for 20 customers tops... Then you need to keep the new stock rolling in but I don't believe you have enough cash to invest in this venture.

    The money, or lack thereof, to invest up front is going to hinder adding other items to the list as well...

    How are you going to be able to keep enough stock on hand to keep business rolling without needing to constantly restock?

    What are the other items you have planned to add to the list? More GH? Pharm ancillaries? AAS?
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    20 customers can come quick and you’ll be out of stock... any igf tests done from other people ??
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    I think the plan here is good, but you need to build credibility and trust worthiness. Also your packaging skills will of course be important and as @Eman noted, your ability to restock quickly.

    We all know what they cost internationally, so we know the profit margin, and how many you need to sell to restock a good amount. Plus if you're reselling most of us know the ta for the international orders. It will be important you stay ontop of inventory and communicate when you're low and pause orders rather than be greedy
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  7. Evom1

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    These contradict each other
  8. BigNattyDaddy

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    Today is not Friday
  9. Eman

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    I agree with you, it's a good idea. However, I've seen it fail before and it was kind of an ugly sight to see lol.

    The biggest issue is that it takes a lot of investment and the profit margin isn't high enough to really make it sustainable unless you're buying and selling in very large quantities. If Mr. X can build a little bit of a list here, he may be able to survive by supplementing the income from other products... It's really just a tough sell, takes a lot of money to be put in to be able to get money out.

    I'll be happy to be proven wrong.
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    @Anonymous_anabolics seems like you did your homework! Are you a active or former member of meso? Also what products are you planning on adding?
  11. Thaistick

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    Certainly. Sounds like a great idea. You won't have any shortage of customers that are scared of international. Will you be able to last? We'll see, as was said you have to move serious volume to the successful. What kind of contest? Good luck to you.
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    I know I'm a newer member, and I always get out of the way and leave the vetting to the experienced forgive me for chiming in here. Is it just me or does something about the way this guy words things seem eerily familiar? Like hes been here before? It's almost like Rowdy stole all that money and bought a shit ton of HGH with it, and then will slowly add in his anabolics. I could be way way off, but that's the way my mind works after getting fucked over. Again, my bad guys.
  13. picholas

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    A lot of members are doubting your supply stock. Is what's pictured your entire inventory of gh?
  14. balco

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    How are you using tails? Are you booting from a USB?
  15. No igf-1 done from my products but they can be found all over just about every board. If I sell out then I temporarily shut down until restocked. I'm hoping to keep stock n restocks flowing smoothly. I'll make adjustments as necessary.
  16. I plan on carrying an extensive list of pharm grade gear, pharm gh, and eventually adding in my own line of AAS. I have a few guys running it now but need to get my current stock up enough as well as back up raws before introducing it. I know how you guys roll. The gh has been the biggest seller so for the time being I've been focusing my attention there.
  17. Eman

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    This solidifies my position that you don't have the money, or don't have the confidence, to invest enough money into this side business to keep it running smoothly.

    The idea of shutting down isn't a bad one, but it quickly snowballs. You shutting down just one time will create a domino effect that will lead to you having trouble staying open. When you get to that point, it will be difficult for you to fund your AAS line and probably impossible to fund your pharm product line.

    Again, I think it's a good business idea but I don't think there is enough investment going into this from the start. I still hope to be proven wrong though.
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  18. I do my research. I know this can be a tough crowd and wanted to come prepared. I'll give you a sneak peek of whats to come.

    1. Meditrope Black Tops 150iu kits...$200
    *includes 15mL of baceriostatic water

    Possibly depending on demand...

    2. Meditrope Mauve Tops 100iu kits
    *includes 10mL of bacteriostatic water

    3. Grey Tops 100iu kits
    *includes 10mL of bacteriostatic water

    1. Test Ace 150mg
    2. Test P 100mg
    3. Test E 250mg
    4. Test Cyp 250mg
    5. tren Ace 100mg
    6. Tren E 250mg
    7. Mast P 100mg
    8. Mast E 250mg
    9. NPP 100mg
    10. EQ 300mg
    11. Bold Cyp 250mg
    12. DHB 100mg
    13. TNE 100mg
    14. TrNE 100mg
    15. Injectable Superdrol 40mg/mL
    16. TrNE 75mg + Sdrol 25mg
    17. TNE 75mg + Sdrol 25mg
    18. Primo Ace 50mg
    19. TrNE 50mg + TNE 50mg
    + Adrol 25mg + Dbol 25mg

    1. Proviron (25mg × 30 caps)
    2. Anavar (25mg × 30 caps)
    3. viagra (25mg × 30 caps)
    4. Dapoxetine (25mg × 30 caps)
    5. Accutane (20mg × 30 caps)
    6. Tbol (25mg × 30 caps)
    7. Anadrol ( 25mg × 30 caps)
    8. Winny (25mg × 30 caps)
    9. Lady Var (10mg × 50 caps)
    10. M1T (10mg × 30 caps)
    11. nolvadex (20mg × 30 caps)
    12. clomid (50mg × 30 caps)

    Possibly some more orals, oils, and blends in the future.

    1. Modanafil 100mg (10 tabs)
    2. Modanafil 200mg (10 tabs)
    3. Proviron (25mg × 20 tabs - Bayer)
    4. Anapolon (50mg × 20 tabs - Abdi Ibrahim)
    5. aromasin (25mg × 30 tabs - Pfizer)
    6. arimidex (1mg × 28 tabs)
    7. Cabaser (1mg × 20 tabs - Pfizer)
    8. Raloxifene (60mg × 28 tabs - Evisata/Eli Lilly)
    9. hcg (5000iu × 1 vial - Choriomn/IBSA)
    10. HMG (150iu × 1 vial - Merional/IBSA)
    11. t3 (25mcg ×100 tabs - Abdi Ibrahim)
    12. clenbuterol (20mcg × 50 tabs - SoPharma)
    13. Metformin (1000mg × 100 tabs)
    14. primobolan depot (Rimobolan)
    (100mg/mL ×1amp)
    15. Test E 250mg (250mg/mL × 1amp)
    16. Sust 250mg

    1. GENOTROPIN 36 IU (12 MG) Pen
    2. GENOTROPIN 16 IU (5,3 MG) Pen
    3. HUMATROPE 72 IU 24 MG
    4. HUMATROPE 36 IU 12 MG
    6. NORDITROPIN 45 IU (15 MG)
    7. NORDITROPIN 30 IU (10 MG)
    8. OMNITROPE 30 IU (10 MG)
    9. HGH Pen Needle 12 pcs X 0.8mm ,30G
    10. HGH Pen Needle 12 pcs X 0.6mm ,31G

    All this will be added down the line. Some I have in stock, some a low stock, some on the way, and some being added in the distant future.
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  19. I have a lot invested into this venture. Before I start adding things into the list I want to have all my bases covered. Now its mostly just a matter of stocking up on the small things like vials, stoppers, etc, filters, carrier oils, and the like.

    I want to check on my suppliers and their ability to keep my stock up, determine shipping time estimates and shit like that.

    I'm also looking into reliable COMMUNITY APPROVED testing facilities. I know Jano isn't well received, Analyzer is no longer with us, and Energy Control turned out to be pieces of shit.
  20. So I really want to get rid of these last 2 kits of Mauve tops. I've had an offer to buy them but I really would like to run these contests I mentioned before.