Is Down.....

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  1. biggerben69

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    Has been since yesterday....stay tuned.
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  2. Millard Baker

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    This seems to happen every couple of months. And I never see an explanation for why it happens. Do they have a twitter account or some other way where they provide status updates when the service is down?

    MANWHORE Member

    Thank god I have 6 other email account to except messages :D
  4. greenddog1

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    Just checked. I'm still getting the unable to connect, even using different browsers.
  5. Vendetta22

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    anonymousspeech is a sting operation, many of my buddies, iwon't explain all the situation but were arrested after its use. stay away. they use servers in panama and others they link to but i did some investiagating and the interpol and fbi both have paid contracts with these servers, pm me for more information if ya want.
    what they do is they make it seem like they are offshore but they are covertly collecting data from the servers they say are logless.
    just use a solid logless vpn, nvpn and enc0de's come to mind.
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  6. greenddog1

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    They did send an email regarding power outages and lack of manpower due to Panamanian Independence Day holiday.