Another bull run is expected to occur in late 2019

Discussion in 'Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency' started by Roco Bama, Dec 9, 2018.

  1. Roco Bama

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    Crypto bear market is expected to end either late December 2018 or mid 2019. You guys better get ready. Put in mind you shouldn’t be doing long term investments on this non-regulated market. You buy during a bear market and sell during a crazy bull run.

    Let’s get rich fast
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  2. sinewave3

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    This just a feeling or do you have a link?

    Thinking just the OG muthafukkah Bitcoin, or other crypto’s too?

    Been thinking of selling my eth for btc but the prices are so low it’s easier to just let them sit and not check Coinbase...
  3. Roco Bama

    Roco Bama Member

    Don’t sell your holdings at this time. either January or mid 2019 would be a great time to buy. I’ll post links once I get home.

    I’m gonna wait until bitcoin drops down to 2500
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  4. bambam333

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    if it breaks 2800-3000 the next major support is around 1850
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  5. proken

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    Old school charts for stock markets and day trading trading can be deceiving. It just doesn't work for Cryptos. Be careful. The traditional ways of pouring over endless charts and scans and looking for patterns are useless in the Crypto world but, unfortunately, we humans are always looking for patterns by our nature. If you can detach the USD from the actual coin it will free you from this problem. Use a product or service as the common denominator instead of fiat currencies. Only then will Cryptos have actual value. Zero quantitative easing (inflation) manipulation from the IMF, FED, Central Banks, etc will stop. We the people will be our own banks, the block chain will be the undeniable proof of work and transactions. Cryptos are a huge upgrade from our banking system and give the control over 'money' back to the person. Instead of saying BTC or ETH or any other coin is "up" or "down" untie it from the dollar and tie it to a Crypto friendly service or product that buys and sells their inventory with Crypto, not USD or fiat. It will be the perfect financial ecosystem. Ya, in reality it will be a while for it to become main stream, just like Visa and Mastercard took a decade or so to become main stream. Crypto is the future of transactions, but the future, unfortunately, is not now. HODL in any event. Keep informed and look for Crypto friendly businesses. It's the best way to have Cryptos take a good foothold for the future and purge market manipulations from the fiat boys.
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  6. sinewave3

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    Funny I just happened to catch a Bitcoin Pro on Glenn Beck maybe last week, and one of them also said they are stocking up if BTC hits 2500. They were also discussing the uses of btc, how ICO regulation is forcing a bunch of companies to dump their BTC to pay (legal) expenses, and demand has not soaked that up yet.

    Think it was this guy: Cryptocurrency expert doubles down on his surprising bitcoin prediction: 'The good news is all of that's going to happen'
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  7. Roco Bama

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    Yeah also Willy Woo who’s a respected crypto analyst predicted that bitcoin will moon after the end of the bear market

    Bitcoin Will Flash Dump then Moon, Says Veteran BTC Analyst Willy Woo
  8. Roco Bama

    Roco Bama Member

    Hold tight guys. Crypto bear market is expected to end by mid 2019 and bitcoin could drop below 2000 by that time then we’ll have another crazy bull run.
  9. master.on

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    Dead cat bounce, at best.
  10. MindlessWork

    MindlessWork Member Supporter

    Most likely the better case as the ship has already sailed.
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  11. TideGear

    TideGear Member

    Agreed, I'd say she's done. Anyone buying this shit for investment purposes is desperate and will most likely lose.
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  12. Roco Bama

    Roco Bama Member

    Bitcoin just hit $8000 yesterday. I’m gonna pick up lots of ETH for the next 2 weeks

    Let us know which coin you’re investing in.
  13. Rockclimber

    Rockclimber Member

    Selling GBTC today. Up 139% for the year. Good call on buying the dip @Roco Bama
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  14. mr_meanor

    mr_meanor Member

    Trading crypto is just as risky as betting on horses. But high risk high reward. It is not predictable and almost always does the opposite of suggested Technical Analysis.
  15. Rockclimber

    Rockclimber Member

    Cryptocurrencies are inherently deflationary by Nature therefore eventually price will rise so just buy the fucking dip AKA buy when there's blood in the streets.
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  16. mr_meanor

    mr_meanor Member

    There has been blood in the streets for almost 2 years. It just broke a 2 year downtrend. There has been no money to be made in crypto since 2017 unless u are swing trading voltility and the percentages are too low for such a high risk market for my taste. I have been degenerately gambling with crypto for a long time, it's like flipping a coin.
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  17. Rockclimber

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    I sold all my Bitcoin when it hit a dollar so I feel your pain LOL I remember mining that shit for so long and then it finally hit a dollar sold it all for around four hundred bucks would be worth so many millions today can't believe it.
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  18. mr_meanor

    mr_meanor Member

    Lol yup I was rich for a few months at the end of 2017, then i lost almost all of it trying to "buy the dips" in 2018. I've made a few bucks over the years but hindsight is 20/20. I bought my first $BTC in 2015 for online poker, a few hundred bucks then would translate to hundreds of thousands today. If only I had have had a functioning crystal ball, gonna have to try to find one of them on eBay.
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  19. LeoTC

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    Yep, someone here made the same comment back in Feb. I was kicking around here at work a few mornings later, BTC was sitting just below 3100.

    I said fuck it, wiped out one of my accounts and bought three.

    I'm not regretting it yet. Lol.
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  20. adnansanat

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    Look at the charts. Bears are sleeping at their caves since mid of December. Bulls are OFFICIALLY running. Charts never lie.