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  1. Elude

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    Hey all,

    Just wanted to introduce myself as i've decided to try this with baby steps. I'm a 36 year old canadian who's going to ask questions on how I should be doing this! Gonna be starting with 20mg of Anavar
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    Welcome from another canuck and you picked the right board.

    Are you planning to run test along side the var?

    What's your stats?
  3. Elude

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    Nope, I don't plan to run test. I've read a bunch of stuff that people say to run winny or something else along with it to maximize gains but I'm not trying to be a BB or high level athlete. I want to lose fat while making some small gains.

    When you say stats, do you mean weight/height? Sorry for my ignorance.
  4. Btcowboy

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    Yes that's what I meant
    Height, weight, how many years lifting.

    Var will shut down your natural test so you will want to run at least low dose test to keep your test levels up to at least natural levels. Oral only cycles are a bad idea.

    Also do you have a pct plan in place.

    I would do some more research if I was you.
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  5. Elude

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    5'9 and 175 pounds. I've been lifting for a year. Basically i've gone from never lifting in my entire life to what I am now. I knew that var would shut down natural test but I wasn't aware i would need to run any type of test to supplement as long as I did a PCT of clom for 4-6 weeks?

    Another bring reason I chose var is because of fat burning and it targetting belly fat which I want to help get rid of.
  6. Bro if you don’t run at least 100 mg of test, your gonna be a miserable mfer.
    Every thing that makes you a man is because of testosterone.
    Var will shut it down and make you emotional like a school girl. You will no energy to even work out.
    This is the first rule of steroids bro!
    If your scared of needles you need to pick a different hobby.
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  7. And the key to losing weight happens in the kitchen. Watching macros and calories. Food choice is the most important when losing weight. And when to eat what. Also very important.
  8. Elude

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    I used to weigh about 215 a year ago so diet isn't a problem for me. I just want to help my energy levels. I also do brazilian jiu-jitsu I want a bit of help.

    As for needles I'm not afraid of them I just liked what Anavar advertises for it's effects. If doing var only makes me that miserable then I won't have any problems supplementing with test if I need it. But if I can do without it then I would prefer to do that.

    Let me know what you think of what I said. I'm not stubborn and don't take anything negatively.
  9. Btcowboy

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    This forum is a great resource, there a lot of very knowledgeable members here. I am learning all the time here. Depending on how you take the advice will dictate how you are taken here.

    You definitely need to run test along side the var. Don’t start any cycle until you have everything in place, diet in place, training on point, all gear on hand, all ancillaries on hand, pct on hand, pins on hand. The last thing you want is run out half way, have E2 issues and no way to remedy them.

    Also if you have been only lifting for a year, you have a lot of time still for newbie and natural gains. All giving you time to have diet and training in check, aas knowledge in check, the right goals for you mapped out.

    Different goals means different diet. I went for 320 down to 184 so I know what it takes to drop weight too. I now blast and cruise, bulk and cut and it’s all a bit different than what it took to drop 135lbs.
  10. Btcowboy said it perfectly. Not much else to say. As he said, success or failure depends on your ability to take advice. Without a doubt you need to add test. If your cutting weight then 150 mg of Test E a week will suffice. You could do that in 1 pin every Sunday to make it simpler. Yes it’s recommended to split it in to 2 pins a week but not needed.
    You could run that test 150 mg 16-20 weeks. T
    Depending on what dosage of Var you could run it 8-12 weeks of that 20 split into 8 weeks on, 4 weeks off, 8 weeks on. But you need to make your diet fit the cycle to cut.
    Post up your diet
    Calories, macros,
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  11. Elude

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    Alright, i guess i'll get some test then. Now the question is what test should I be getting? Should I be using a specific type of pin? I have a bunch more questions on how I should be effectively using this. Would it be better to make a new topic in the general steroid forum with all my questions in one thread?
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  12. Btcowboy

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    Your choice, personally I would keep your first few questions here for now.

    I run Test Cyp a long ester. When I cruise I pin once a week and cruise on 200mg a week. On a blast right now 600mg per week but split my pins 2x a week. If you want to pin less run cyp or enth.

    Depending where you plan to pin and how much fat in that spot will dictate length of pin. I am using 18x1 to draw the oil out, and pin with 25x1, 3ml barrel. I have pinned straight quads for the last year but switching up this week to delts. And the 25x1 seems good for me on both spots.

    Ask away.
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  13. Keep it in this thread.
    We can move you on to something different once you have begun.
    Again cowboy is spot on.
    Test cyp or test Eth.
    150-200 mg a week is fine.
    That will be very easy on your system, and you shouldn’t have any issues with high Estrogen.
    What dosage of var do you plan to take per day?
    I hope you have a source with a good reputation. We don’t talk about sourcing in the threads. However if you listen and follow directions I’m not past throwing you a bone on where to get what you need. I can also give you an opinion on who you plan to use as of now. Even tho Test is one of the less faked products.
    But you never know.
    Do your due diligence and read, read, and read some more.
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  14. Elude

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    I'm thinking about pinning into my gluts. Can I just use 25x1 for that? Why do you use 18x1 to draw and then switch it out to 25x1?

    I plan to use 20mg of var per day.
    If it's common courtesy to not talk about sourcing in threads would it be better to send you a message directly on where I sourced from?
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  15. Btcowboy

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    I use 18 to draw because you can draw the oil out quicker. It's quite a bit slower drawing with a 25. Switching to a smaller for pinning for comfort and less blunting done to the needle tip from going through the stopper.
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  16. Btcowboy

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    @Elude also meant to add I think most use 1-1/2 for glutes as there is a little more fat there. I don't pin glutes so I cant say. I hear a better spot is Ventral Glute but also haven't pinned there. Quads and delts for me so far.
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  17. Yes pm.
  18. Elude

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    When it comes to pinning. Should I be inserting the needle all the way in or is just inserting the needle half way sufficient? I also don't know where I should be purchasing the tips and syringe from. Is this something you can just pick up OTC at the local pharmacy? The main reason I want to inject into the glute is because there is a lot of fat and very little chance of hitting the bone.
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  19. Btcowboy

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    Bury it, you dont want to pin too shallow
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  20. Elude

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    Just made an edit to my post and saw that you already replied. I added that the main reason I want to inject into the glute is because there is a lot of fat and very little chance of hitting the bone.
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