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Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by Kracken, Jul 17, 2017.

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    I’m a 5ft 6in male, 53 years old at 157 pounds. I do running and cycling but over the past two years I have gained over 15 pounds of ugly fat mostly around my abdomen. I’m currently taking doctor prescribed clomid, 25mg eod due to T numbers that tested at 325 and 305 in two different blood tests. This was a month ago and I immediately started the Clomid. I have not yet had the follow up blood work. My BP is typically about 115/70. I do cardio three times a week, usually running, and strength training twice per week. I have no health problems beyond the T issue and am on no other meds. A lot of this seems to correlate with a new job that has me commuting over 2.5 hours per day, so less time to train and more time sitting on my ass in the car. Could be a coincidence.

    I’m sure you can see where I’m going with this; trying to lose that new fat. My maintenance cals are 1,700 and I have been eating 1,200, and doing this for several months. Nothing seems to change. Normally I would tell someone they are cheating on their calorie intake, but I track mine with MyFitnessPal carefully and while I have an very occasional small cheat I am in deficit. I try to get 45% of my cals from protein and the rest at about 25% each fat and carbs.

    I’m very anxious to lose this fat so I can improve my efficiency. So...

    Looking over the options, I have concerns about DNP. Less about dying and more about finding a clean source and, even more important, keeping the side effects hidden from my daughter and GF. I don’t want them knowing about any of this. I admit if I could solve those problems I would try it, but maybe a less harsh option first. Two other options seem to be clen and albuterol. From what I have read here, it seems that Albuterol is less harsh and as effective as Clen and might even promote strength and endurance.

    I read the generic writeup on this site about Albuterol with its dosing recommendations and about what to take with it to keep it effective. It seems that if I use it correctly it could help me lose a pound a week, assuming I eat right and keep up the cardio, with minimum drama. Its also a pill or liquid, which I prefer. And it's a pharm product so if I get it domestically it seems low risk.

    I’m wondering if there is a better option I’m not aware of, and if not, whether it would impact the Clomid or vice versa. Also, for a guy my weight is the dosage recommended correct? Any comments about my analysis and suggestions are appreciated, thanks!
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    I'm 57 and have been on trt for 8 years. Face it you're getting old clomid isn't going to help much.
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    Get yourself a script for test cyp.
  4. Kracken

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    I'll have new blood work in a week or so, if the numbers don't come up the doc will give me the real stuff.
  5. SauceBoss

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    If my doctor was prescribing me clomid instead of TRT I would find a new one yesterday
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    There may be underlying hormonal issues but you do need to get a handle on your food intake. Those numbers just don't add up.
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    If your nutrition and exercise is on point and consistent then you should have great results. Regardless of the drugs.
  8. Kracken

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    Well he gave me the choice although he seemed to lean to the Clomid. At the time I didn't know any better, but it is less invasive and if it works, great. If not there is still the TRT option.
  9. Eman

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    I would revisit your caloric baseline numbers. That is an extremely low caloric intake for a grown man. I'd expect those kind of numbers for a teenage girl on a diet... Not a grown man who does cardio and strength training on a regular basis.
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    According to the calorie calculator at my body just sitting around all day at work (I don't have a physical job) uses 1,791 calories per day (that's 91 more than I thought). Each strength training session is about 225 or more and each run is about 330 (to run 5k). That's a total of 1,440 per week. Plus the eating deficit of 3,500 per week the fat should be flying off. But I have seen some studies that say the 3,500 cals per pound is off, that you need to burn more and also I may lose some muscle, although I lift to keep it. In truth I sometimes run just twice a week, although not usually, and it's sometimes on a treadmill which may burn less.

    I used to be able to easily keep myself at about 135 to 140. If I crept up a bit I could knock it off. Lately, I do the same stuff, my body does not respond like it used to. So as the first guy who answered said, I'm getting old.
  11. D-max

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    If you're 5'6" and 157 and work out like you say, I have a hard time believing you're very fat. Your goal is to be 140?
  12. Kracken

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    I have found that I look and feel good at 140ish, or a little under and even at that point I don't have well defined abs. Maintaining 135 is hard but in the past I have been able to maintain 140. That puts my waist at 29 to 30 inches. Right now my waist is at 32 inches and I'm fatter than I should be. I'm not "very fat" but I'm fat enough to resist putting my bathing suit on, and to have my performance impacted. I don't look like all you guys, although I have never been a bodybuilder; I just prefer endurance sports, so I like to keep my legs strong. And I'm trying to improve my swimming this summer, which is by far my weakest skill.

    Can any of you guys help me out with my original question? I do appreciate the comments and replies, but is albuterol a good or bad idea? Is it okay with the clomid and/or is there a better option?
  13. Kracken

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    My food intake is not perfect, I agree. But I don't think it's super bad either.
  14. JC456

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    I'm not judging you or anything or anyone as good or bad. My point is simply this:

    You stated you're eating 1200.
    You stated your maintenance is 1700.
    You stated you're not losing weight.

    That does not add up.

    Add in all the drugs you like, it won't add up until you get a grasp on these fundamentals.
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  15. Dane17

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    As an older guy agree with most of the above.

    TRT with those lab numbers. You will be glad rather quickly after you initiate treatment.
  16. Kracken

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    Thanks, I'll definitely talk with the doctor about that when I see him at my follow up appointment. By then I'll know what the new numbers are and we'll see what the clomid was able to accomplish.

    Is anyone who knows willing to tell me if albuterol will interfere or cause a problem with the Clomid?
  17. TruEnuff

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    Just keep dieting and working out bro stay focused.. Don't worry about DNP and albuterol
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    You took the words right out of my mouth. In my whole history of fitness. I've Never seen some one cut cals that hard and not loose weight. One your not weighing your food and portions. You are getting no physical activity. Before trying to take short cuts with meds have you ever tried getting a personal trainer?
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  19. Kracken

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    I have a personal trainer, he is excellent.

    Let me ask you guys a different question. If someone posts that they have done some research and are considering x or y drug to increase their muscle size and/or strength, would you all tell him to go to the gym more often, make sure he has good form, stay on the clock for rest periods and so on?

    I suppose you'll all put me in the same category as Noah by the end of this post, but I just don't understand why there seems to be some secret rule that unless a guy is already at 9% body fat trying to get to 7%, he should not use anything beyond a cal deficit and cardio. It's not that I don't appreciate the advice, I do. But did I ask some stupid question that can't be answered? If the premise of this site and forum is that people should be allowed to do what they want, and there can be advice offered to help it be a bit safer, especially since they are likely to do it anyhow, why does this just apply to building muscle and not losing fat?

    *donning fireproof suit now*
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    I don't understand your aversion to someone pointing out your obvious misunderstandings about how calories work.

    It's very simple; your stated 1200 intake calories are less than your 1700 calorie stated maintenance. You should therefore lose weight. Because you don't, it shows up quite clearly that you don't have a handle on the most basic of weight loss concepts.

    Eat less than you need to lose weight.

    That is diet 101. You could ignore this and take some drugs, but my point is that you will still not lose weight if you don't grasp that fundamental concept. Do you understand what I'm saying? I honestly don't care whether you take as many drugs as you like quite, but you completely ignoring this and instead throwing up strawmans about being 9% etc only serves to detract you from the very basic point.

    Eat less than you need to lose weight.

    By all means, take your drugs, there is no judgement from me. But you are seeking to lose weight. That won't happen if you don't grasp this 101 fundamental.
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