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Discussion in 'New Member Introduction' started by MoTren, Dec 3, 2018.

  1. MoTren

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    Thought I would play nice and do a little intro.

    I am new to posting here, but I have used Meso as a resource for a while. I have learned a lot! Figured I might actually have something to contribute every now and again so I finally signed on.

    I have been around for a while. I remember when pct was a week at Daytona Beach drinking beer from sunup to sundown. Things have really changed over the years including our 90’s gym attire.

    I am 6’1” and a pretty lean 215. I quit drinking, try to eat right and train as hard as my body will allow. You young guys will understand when you hit 40.

    I am still trying to get back to my former glory. I was hit by a car while riding one of my bikes (not bicycle!) a few years ago. I had 5 surgeries and dropped down to 165 lbs..

    I am a family man and family always comes first. I try to stay healthy to keep up with the kids and want to stay around a while. I do like having some size on me and the gym just makes me feel good. Stress relief!

    My goal is continued education on diet, training and keeping as much of my hard earned gains as possible. I also want to compare notes with some of the other doctor prescribed TRT guys on here. We all need to keep our bloodwork looking good for those visits.

    Thanks for the resource!
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  2. BigNattyDaddy

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    Welcome, watch out for the soy boys and snakes on here. They hide in plain sight.
  3. Mac11wildcat

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    Glad you survived the wreck dude. Lost a couple friends over the years and finally sold mine when my son arrived.

    Welcome to the board and best of luck with training.
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  4. MoTren

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    Thanks for the welcomes!

    I lost a friend also, but you don’t think it will happen to you until it does. I have laid a few bikes down over the years and had some injuries. Nothing like having a car cross the center line and hit you head on. Blessed to be here!

    So I have been silently on Meso for a few years now. It is funny, but I kinda feel like I know both of you guys from reading your posts.

    I got a really good laugh the other day when people were saying they thought BigNattyDaddy’s avatar was really him. You obviously don’t skip leg day like a lot of us.
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  5. Xragexx

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    Welcome to meso.

    Lost my best friend 2 years ago last month. Rear ended a navigator.
    Only ridden mine a handful of times since..
  6. MoTren

    MoTren Member Supporter

    Sorry to hear about your friend!

    I quit riding street bikes completely. I still have a dirt bike and my wife rides the 4 wheeler. Less likely that someone runs us over with their car. At least I hope that’s the case.
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  7. Big_paul

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    Nothing wrong with being a fng :)
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