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    Hey guys, just picked up some hgh from opti. This is my first time running gh. I’ve spoke with him about it some but thought I would ask the community here as well. My schedule is a bit fucked so I have some questions on the dose timing. I’ll be doing 4ui (maybe a bit more I’m gonna treat his vials as 10iu not as 12) split into two doses. With 750-1g of test and 1g of eq, May throw in some low dose dbol at 25 for four weeks but haven’t decided on the dbol. Goal is to pack on size but if I lose some body fat that’ll definitely be a bonus. I’m 6’1, 225, eating 5200 calories a day right now (will up as I put on weight) 350p/500c/200f. All eggs, oats, fruit, rice, peanut butter, avacado, beef, fish etc. So here’s where’s my question comes in. I work 12 hour shifts at a gym 5 days a week. (8-8). So right now I wake up eat a big ass breakfast. Train, shower and eat another meal at the gym all before I’ve even clocked in at 8 a.m. so I’ve consumed about 2000 calories already lol. From what I understand, pinning fasted is the best scenario, but since I train so early in the morning and don’t want to take my gh with me to my work (and have to worry about keeping it cold), would pinning 2iu preworkout with all that food (6 a.m) , and then around 830 p.m when I get home be okay? Personal opinions/ preferences on this would be greatly appreciated
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    Yes, that will work.
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    I also work stupid shift work 15-17 hrs a day. Oilfield work. I pin soon as I wake 300am or pm and soon as I get home 7-8am or pm and split dose has had my igf numbers higher than one single dose. Pulling bloods around the same time after each pin. Fucked up thing about my schedule I have to lift uneven ass iron while I’m at work cause I can’t hit a gym during my hitch.
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    I also have a log running that shows my igf numbers pinning 6 weeks one dose 5iu am and 5 weeks split dose
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    I’ve seen your thread, I appreciate your reply and your contribution to the board with bloods. I’ll try this out and can always adjust my timing later on. Just didn’t know if there was any REAL benefit of doing fasted or maybe even post workout in the morning before I clock in. I don’t live that far away I could wake up about 30 minutes sooner to run home and back just to pin but as you can imagine that will get annoying as fuck. I’ll try a.m right before I head to the gym and then p.m about 8:30 for now
  6. Mighty-mouse

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    The whole fasted thing is for insulin resistance I believe. I’m no scholar in hgh just testing igf numbers for the benefit of the boards. But always do bloods and check glucose when doing hgh to make sure you are within range.
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    Will do, I haven’t gotten bloods done in quite some time to be honest. Any recommendations on where to get them and which test to get?
  8. Mighty-mouse

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    Depending on what state you live in could be complicated if you live in a state that cares about your rights lol. Go to private md labs .com and buy the hormone panel unisex it will test everything.

    Use RHINO as the coupon for 15% off and they use lab corps for the draw facility
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    Just looked into it and I can get it done from there. Thanks man. I’ll post bloods when I get them just to see what everyone thinks since some of the stuff I’m not sure where my numbers should be at tbh lol thanks for all your help man
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  10. Mighty-mouse

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    That’s what we are here for!! Ever have any questions hit me on the pm I will help if I can
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    I'll throw my hat in with another question as I'm looking to dip my toes into the GH waters in the next month or so.

    I keep a fairly normal schedule because fuck flipping it around if I don't need to. So an average day for me looks like this -

    Up at 1200: Walk dog, shower, pound a cup of dried fruit / nuts, hit the gym by 1300.

    15:00: Wrapping up the weights, slam shake, cardio for an hour.

    16:30: Walk dog, make first meal - 3/4lbs Sirloin w/ 2c Rice about 17:00.

    19:30-2030: Same.

    23:00-23:30: Same.

    Only variable is Kimchi, as I'll usually eat either half a jar split between first and last meal or a whole jar. I also eat a grapefruit about an hour after each of the first two.

    Nothing after 00:00.

    I've been digging this schedule because it's pretty easy to maintain and I can actually get it all down.

    While its WAY more than I'm used to eating, I dont feel like I'm putting on a bunch of fat. Some fat, but not a ton, and the muscle seems to be keeping pace proportionally.

    The three days I work I protein fast. Double shot shakes from about 17:00-02:00 - totaling around 1,000C and 200G P.

    I've got a bevy of BG testers that I inherited from my late grandmother, so I'll be keeping tabs.

    Would pinning at 12:00 and 17:00 cause any issues? The shake I drop pre-cardio is only 25G and 1G carbohydrate, so it shouldn't be causing any major glucose spikes.

    Or would I be better off waiting until 00:00 for the second pin, even though itd be directly after three sizable meals?

    I could also pin at 05:00 and 17:00 if need be. I'd be more or less fasted at both times, and about ready to pass out at 05:00 actually.
  12. mands

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    It helps with lipolysis as well doing it in a fasted state.

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  13. zerodiddy

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    I've learned that it doesn't really matter when you take it with food or not. Just be consistent. You can check blood sugar levels at home with a glucometer for 15 bucks at walmart. If fasted blood sugar starts raising, get some metformin. Don't run back home to pin and wake up 30 min earlier, lol, it's all good. Just don't use food as an excuse to not pin, keep it consistent, watch your blood sugar levels, and don't worry about it, especially at 4 ius it's a non-issue.
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    Id start lower than 4 iu,right off the bat. I had some sides at first on just 2iu fasted in the morning pre cardio. They went away but they were there. Headache ,mild edema, c.t.s. I'm gonna start up to 4 iu shortly when i start my next blast, Honestly the synergy between just trt and gh has been very noticeable. Recovery from training is great and im leaning out nicely. The mix of the two has been awesome for me. My blood glucose has been within range in the morning.
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    Frio Case.. take a pin with you in a small case keeps it cold forever. They work well IF you needed.