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Discussion in 'Steroid Pictures Forum' started by AMG, May 3, 2017.

  1. AMG

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    Successfully got another Pharmacom order yesterday, shipping took less than a week. A little upset because I thought I ordered Dbol & NPP to kickstart, and Winny to finish my cycle but I guess somehow I switched the browser from safari to chrome and the first 3 items I selected stayed on the window open on the safari browser. Oh well I'll just re order them I should have them within a week anyways so it's not to long of a wait.
    P.S I love how all my gear fits in this little vault box.

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  2. wickedwayz

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    Did you order from basic or Pharmacom store?
  3. AMG

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    Pharmacom store this time
  4. wickedwayz

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    Cool bro. That's where I ordered from for the first time. Got tracking today but it's not working yet. Are you in the USA ? No problems with customs?
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  5. AMG

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    That's was up bro!! You'll be happy with their product. No I've never had problems with US, Canada, or Spain customs with them or basic.
  6. Phyzique1

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    Are you east coast or west coast? I just received my letter in the mail recently from customs.
  7. AMG

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    I'm in central US..
    That sounds like a nightmare come true bro, did you order from Darius or Frank? Did you get it reshipped already. If you didn't I would tell them to put someone else's name on it like someone who lives in the same house as you in case they added your name and address to thier system NY buddy did that, he had got a package from Naps siezed and when he got it reshipped he just told them to put his sisters names as the receiver and that one went through with no problems
  8. Lauderdaleboy

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    When your package gets taken by customs is a simple letter
    Did everything come with a Scratch off verification code I just received an order and half my shit didn’t have them. I ordered from Frank at Basicstero and they gave me half of what I actually wanted FUBAR. But have 4 more packs coming my fingers are crossed only the vials and Stanos box had codes the Proviron Anavar and a box of Phenyl Prop had no Verification codes this is what gets on my nerves you wait months and you get the wrong shit with no verification codes whatsoever hopefully my next couple shipments that are airborne will be better than this!!! Posting Pics shorty
  9. Michael7

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    You ordered directly from Pharmacom so who cares about verification codes , you think pharmacom would send you fake pharmacom ?
  10. Lauderdaleboy

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    From Basicstero ive always dealt with Frank. This was supposed to be a new batch straight from the Manufacturing facility in HK. Why would they still be giving me these old batches that are expired in a couple months it’s horseshit
  11. Evom1

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    Expiration dates on this stuff doesn't mean anything. They're just there to look more professional
  12. Lauderdaleboy

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    Do you know what the shelflife is for testosterone or any other type of compound I would love to be educated because I know gear can crash buddy not saying this has but doesn’t stay fucking fresh ready to poke forever!! Frankie even said that there should be no more of this batch available in the warehouse yet I have received a boatload of it and I’m still waiting for four more packs that are way overdue
  13. BigHouseCrew

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