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    Here are my results from being completely off for 4 months to 7 weeks in.

    Protocol: 4iu at 9pm every day

    I was expecting low 400s to possibly mid 400s, but I will take 540! I have absolutely no sides other than my knuckles were a little tight the first few weeks, and at the start of week 8 that is almost gone. I never have trouble sleeping without GH, but it is incredible that past 7 weeks. Staying full and having good pumps in the gym. I have not noticed much fat loss yet, but my abs seem to be cut a bit deeper the past week.

    I ran PD's and TP's blacktops last year with an igf-1 score of 440-450 (which is awesome), and my hands were tight for a solid year, the bottoms of my feet ached all of time, and noticeable water weight. I had great results, but just the sides were a bit worse. Good product but not sure why water retention is worse.

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