Anterior Labrum Tear(Bankhart Tear)

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    I have had this injury for about 2 years I believe. I have tried rehab/physical therapy and it didn't help. I tried Prolotherapy WHICH I WAS LIKE 99.99% SURE it was gonna fix it but after getting 3 sessions and seeing NO IMPROVEMENT AT ALL I decided not to continue dumping my money in the garbage. One more option is SURGERY! but I would rather that be my last resort/not do it unless I ABSOLUTELY have to kinda thing. Once the doc operates I cannot turn back and If I come back with less range of motion and feeling even worse then I will fu(ked and definitley be miserable. What I was considering was HGH. It is said to be an amazing joint healer from the many books,articels etc... I read. My question to you guys is, Do you think it will heal a labrum tear? it by no means is a major tear but it is bad enough that I cannot and will not heal on its own. I hope some one with as much knowledge as I have can comment so we can discuss this. I have no more options and this injury is having a big impact on my life. I wanted to pursue boxing but I had to stop training because of the tear. My arm hurts if I carry a 10lb bag of groceries for 1 block. I think I got this injury form playing too much handball 2 yrs ago before I stared lifting.

    please help
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    I don't come on here very much and I don't post much but I would appreciate the help of anyone who replies.

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    I dont know much about the particular issue you have, but I also had a nagging shoulder injury that bothered me for over a year. It got when an overenthusiastic student tweaked it like hell while I was showing him an armbar variation from the mount. Anyway, it didnt seem like a big deal, but it just never got better...finally started to really bother me: not the pain per se, but the fact that it just never stopped. Tried everything....RICE...meds...PT...nothing helped, and some of it actually caused a decrease in my ROM.

    Finally, I went to an ortho, and this is my point: He explained what the problem was and basically told me if I wanted it to get better surgery was my best option. I needed an acrominioplasty on the right side. So I faced some of the same issues I think you are dealing with. I asked alot of questions, of him and another ortho (yep, I asked for a second opinion) and the second guy said that the first guy was THE MAN for this I went back to him and told him I didnt care where the scar went i just wanted it to FIXED, please.

    So I got the surgery, and everything went smooth as silk. Hell, I almost want to get my left one done, post surgery I have more flexibiltty and stability in my right one than i have in my left one . And the scar is hardly noticeable even though it's right up front and is about 2 1/2 " long.

    I just dont think HGH will help that type of tear...and if it did I'm thinking you would have to take quite a bit for many months. Of course, you could try it and then if it doesnt work go for the surgery, worse case is you'd be out a few bucks...well, maybe more than a few ;)
    hopefullyy one of the guys with more knowledge of HGH will chime in here and answer that question definitively for you. I hope you the best.

    Best regards,
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    i had a very slight labrum tear. do not think that HGH will heal it. Mine finally healed on its own after about 2 years of certain shoulder exercises and fairly light upper body training. ate well, rested my shoulder in the meantime, went to school, and rarely worked my upper body hard.

    good luck. shoulder problems suck. there's no "miracle cure." surgery, of course, will help some, but it is painful, expensive, and i have heard that it will never put you quite back at 100%.

    see a doc who specializes in knee and shoulder injuries. i did.

    all he told me was that after "quite a while," the clicking "may" stop and the pain "may" stop. and if it didn't stop, i could opt for surgery after about a year. pain in the ass.

    anyhow, my shoulder is 100% these days. no click, and no pain whatsoever. one thing i always do is warm up my shoulders and rotator cuffs properly before heavy shoulder work.

    i did take glucosamine/chondroitin during my recovery. i dont know if that helped. it seemed to.

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    Hi there,
    new to this site. I have read you dilemma re Labrum tear. I would strongly recommend surgery.
    My story- 1987 I was a professional firefighter in New South Wales Fire Brigades and represented them in rugby league when I dislocated my shoulder severely.
    My injuries were- Acromioclavicula joint popped, inferior glenoid ligament tear. pec minor tear glenoid capusal rupture and last but not least (actually worsted of all) subscapularis torn of bone.
    The subscapularus sits behind the scapular and pulls it tight to the rib cage.
    So generally I had a shoulder that was so unstable that if i waved my arm would pop out.
    I had the Bankhart op done by one of the top orthopod surgeons who looks after our NRL players (national rugby league professionals). I had the op done in 1987 and have had absolutely NIL probs since. I did however stop playing RL on his advice only because he said "it's one of the worsted injuries I have ever seen even of professional players, your not getting paid for it and your job is more important."
    I do martial arts and have done since age 14(now 50) after the op it took near 6 months to fully recover strength and flexibility, but I have never had a prob till last week. I'm now a paramedic and injured the same shoulder at work. Due to the changed anatomy from the reconstructive surgery I need to talk with the original surgeon as no one knows what could be happening in there.
    Have the op but follow the rehab to the letter, get regular sports massage, deep tissue therapy and acupuncture and you should be back to 99.99% of your old self. The shoulder will be stronger than the other one. Look up Looyenwork practitioners-painless deep tissue therapy, I studied in the USA in 1990-91 Jim Condon some where in the mid west Laura Bedard in minisota, Ozzie Lyals in Oakland.
    Let me know how you do
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    Just curious if you have tried cortico steroid injections yet? Most docs will try a few cortisone shots before surgery.
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    wow I haven't been on these boards ina ling ass time. Well anyway I had the surgery done on Oct 6, 2008. The PT was a bitch,pain,less ROM,no strength and just really bad atrophy. Either my surgery was a bit more extensive or the job wasn't done right and I damaged the rapair(which I think I did). I say this because I still have very little strength and use of the arm. MY ROM is great though cause I stretch alot. When I work it it feels like the strength gives out quick and sometimes I feel like it subluxes slightly. I followed PT at home aswell as 3 days a week at the hospitol. I went into the surgery with plenty of strength so I could hopefull make a speedy recovery. I immediately started using cissus,MSM,protein,mega doses of Vit C, creatine, beta alanine, uni liver, very high doese fish oil and ate really well. I kept exercising my legs and plenty of cardio all this was doen to promote healing and to maintian conditioing. I actually gained 10 lbs from all the eating,supps, and 3 day per week leg workouts. Alot of leg pressing,spin bike sprints, stair climbing with weighted back pack and pool work too. I am back to 145lb know lol, I guess most of the weight was water and some fat. Mostly water cause i was purposely using plenty of salt. I was strong as an ox though and still am. I plan to get back into my consistent training so I can be a beast by summer time. I am considering doing a very mild(about 100mg total per week) Deca+test beginner cycle to aid with the joint recovery and speed the progress. I had the injury for 2 years prior to surgery and was held back due to that limitation. Now I still feel limited as I feel the surgery wasn't a success. I am gaining strength quick and consistently but I STILL feel it sublux once in a while. I will try to get another MRI soon(oct 6, 2009) so I can see how the repair lookdsafter 1 year post op. I need to find a good source for my purchase of Deca and Test so I can move on with my life. I can barely do day to day activities and chores.