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    So as I'm sure a lot of people heard the great chef Anthony Bourdain was found dead from suicide this morning. I figured I'd share my one celebrity story with you. My grandmother was a classically trained chef and when I was a teenager she started training me. In the mid 90s she was retired and decided that I should go to New York with her to visit friends. To make a long story short we went to a dinner party at some chefs house and Bourdain was there. I had no idea who this person was at the time but was told he was an amazing chef. So I got to hang out for an evening and listen to amazing stories of the new York restaurant scene. Of course years later he became famous for his TV shows and that has been a favorite story of mine to tell. In reality the world not only lost an amazing chef but a wonderful human being who cared about people and the amazing cultures that are in this world.
  2. What!?? Terrible news, to say the least. I really enjoyed watching his Layover series and equally enjoyed his personality. Im a bit of foodie and accomplished chef and very much looked forward to watching Anthony share his travels while exploring the gastronomical capitals of the world.

    The world lost another good guy...RIP my friend.
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    It's funny because I really didn't know what an important chef he was until a few years latter.

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    I was bummed when I heard that. I really enjoyed his shows, and the way he narrated the them.
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    Rip he left alot of people behind who cared deeply about him.

    Suicide is a copout.
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