Anthony Joshua vs Andy Ruiz - 7/12/2019

Discussion in 'Sports' started by VaDImadi, Dec 7, 2019.

  1. VaDImadi

    VaDImadi Member

    Surely people are hyped for this?

    Anyone betting on it

    If you are i HIGHLY recommend the line on Anthony Joshua to get dropped

    He got dropped 3 times last fight, would have been 4 but the ropes held him up on one occasion

    He gets wobbled quite a lot in fights and struggles to recover

    Ruiz has added weight, Joshua has lost it, meaning there is a 3 stone difference between them in Ruiz favour so those punches are going to land even heavier and harder on a lighter smaller frame

    I think Joshua will get knocked out but him just getting dropped is +200 so a great bet

    Get on it
  2. Sworder

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    Didn't you notice that there was NO HYPE for this?
    I am gonna go check it out in a couple hours.

    Should be an interesting fight
  3. VaDImadi

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    On here only, yeah

    All the other forums im on are buzzing for it, to be fair they are boxing and mma forums though lol

    Who do you have winning and how?
  4. Sworder

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    No, I mean coverage in the media! Have you heard anything on the tv?

    I think Joshua's mental is bad, Ruiz is gonna clobber him. Joshua is the better boxer though so if he comes out looking confident I will change my mind. I need to see Joshua first before I say my final word. It will be a knockout either way. No decision on this one. :D
  5. VaDImadi

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    Embarrassing, cannot believe that sack of shit performance by Ruiz

    Lost so much money
  6. Sworder

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    Haha I was at Rookies and when they announced one more fight before the main I left. Not gonna spend all day watching boxing. Was frustrating. Sorry you lost $