Anti-E vs. E-Blocker

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by big_tom, Dec 10, 2009.

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    big_tom Member

    After reading over a thread or two I notice that dudes are still running arimidex throughout their cycle.
    Arimidex being an Estrogen blocker, I've always deterred from using it as I would miss out on the benefits
    of the estrogen (androgenics) which produce more water retention and bulk so I've always just
    ran Tamoxofen throughout just to prevent BT.

    Has anything changed in the last few years as far as a trend? Or is it the same age old thing? I understand that some guys are more prone to getting BT so perhaps that is why they feel the need to run an E-blocker.

    Just curious.

    Thanks for any input guys!
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    mtyson Junior Member

    i like arimidex and nolva,but arimidex 1mg tabs are expensive
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    big_tom Member

    Right. arimidex is expensive and you break it in half per day but I don't see the logic unless you are pre-disposed to gyno. I'd rather reap the gains and just use some nolva throughout and pct with Nolva and hcg. That's always worked for me. Everyone is different though and it all has a bearing on what drugs you are using, diet, etc.. etc..

    I should add that peeps on high andro cycles might benefit from this. I know the top pros use it due to high androgen levels but then they are also messing with the thyroid and other organs and extensive HGH and insulin use. That's
    tricky stuff but that's the game nowadays. I think Dorian was the one who really brought the HGH thing here back in the day. There are so many good things about it if you do it right though but I would never mess with with t3 or insulin levels as I am hypo-glycemic already.

    I just wanted to hear various scenarios from peeps on PCT. Thanks for the input.

    Any input is greatly valued! You guys kick arse!
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    dfein Junior Member

    Estrogen is beneficial to muscle and is only negative in the fact that high amounts can produce gyno and water retention. If you can get away with doing your cycle without gyno, I would not take an anti estrogen.
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    Bigkarch Member

    a lot will depend on your body...personally, I will use dex or letro to prevent a large estrogen/water retention. it help to prevent can even use it eod at .25 or .5 mg depending on your cycle. I will use nolva mostly if sign of gyno come up or pct. but you really shouldnt get gyno with dex or letro during a cycle but if you do, nolva on hand is good. key here is getting too much estrogen to produce sides you dont want, especially gyno. but at a smaller dose geared for your cycle, you wont lose anything using dex/letro as far as gains..
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    big_tom Member

    Thanks, I agree with that as the research I've read pretty much proves it. I am not very predisposed and have
    only one high 1G+ cycle of test but had the nolva on hand of course and needed to start it as the itchy nips
    started up on higher doses of test.

    Do you recommend clomid and hcg combined for pct over Nolva + HCG? I just hate Clomid because it messes with my emotions.
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    Bigkarch Member

    well...again depends on you...I would say both together is good..
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    bigrobbie Member

    Keep in mind A-dex is an AI while nolvadex is a SERM, AI's block estrogen by not allowing

    aromatizing steroids to convert, Nolvadex actually blocks estrogen receptors. To my understanding (and someone please correct me if I am mistaken) using a SERM blocks the

    receptors in some tissue, but allows estrogen to bind in other tissue....not a bad thing simply

    because, as you have stated, you do need to maintain a certain level of estrogen. A-dex can

    drop your estrogen to low in some cases. I guess what I'm saying is if you are not proned to

    gyno, just have some nolva on hand for the itchy nips just as Big K stated.
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    big_tom Member

    I forgot to mention that I have border line HBP so I need to avoid heavy water retention. I'm trying to stay lean and am pretty good now but am awaiting an apt. to gave my analysis. Thanks!

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