Anxiety Medications. What has worked for you?

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    I feel your pain my brother. I get them out of no where also. I can be sitting watching tv and bam I feel it then my minds racing along with my heart. I quickly grab a Xanax drop it under my tongue and wait while I pace and splash water on my face. After it’s over it makes me so angry because I have no control and never will. You can be the baddest mfkr on th planet but get hit with an attack and your nothing!
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  2. hurricane

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    So true. They aren't fukin pleasant.
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  3. DrinkFlintWater

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    @hurricane in order for me to get off xanax, I was put on ativan for anxiety. My doc prescribed me SSRI's which made me feel like useless shit- physically and mentally. Ativan, still a benzodiazepine, is considerably weaker yet effective. .5 I take daily at night. When i stopped everything, even tapering down, my anxiety became much worse and sleep was down to shit. I've been off all AAS now for a year now. My new thing is panic attacks while I feel your pain and @HIGHRISK this shit is a fucking pain in the ass.
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    It really is a fk up thing how it happens. I’ve yet to get one driving. I pray that never happens because of my job.

    How you been Flint? Haven’t talked in a while hope everything is good on your end my friend.
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  5. k0rkscrew

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    I wouldn't go as far to say you "will never have control". Just have to keep in mind that anxiety/panic attacks are triggered by something. It does take time and a lot of effort to overcome but it is possible. It does feel hopeless at times tho but trying to figure out or face the issues that are triggering the anxiety is always helpful. Personally I didnt think anything was specifically triggering them, but subconsciously there was a lot going on and even just the way I viewed them was obviously negative. Accepting they are happening but knowing it will pass helped me a lot. It is very much a mental, psychological battle with ones self but can def be overcome in time. Just something each person has to figure out on their own (with help also) and even that causes a lot of stress in itself and is frustrating to say the least. I really feel for people that have this problem esp since it's almost impossible for others to truly understand. I found keeping a log helped quite a bit and even just learning how to tap into my emotions... sometimes all I wanted was to just shut my mind off and pretend nothing was wrong, but ultimately that just made things worse.
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    I use to get bad dizzy spells which would ultimately lead to an attack. I did notice when I changed my diet and dropped most sugars and sodium they are more rare now and few and far between. The panic attacks I have found no run to reason. I can be watching sponge bob and have one lol. Thanks for your input.
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  7. k0rkscrew

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    Ya it's a very fine line between being aware and being overly worried/analytical. I found balance (in everything in general) was key. I also had concurrent disorders along with anxiety so one course of action may have caused less stress, but made depression worse and vice versa. "Fake it til you make it" is also a little thing I adopted. Acting in an intellectual/mental way, doing what I knew was healthy and proper, acting and focusing thoughts in a way I knew was healthy rather then making decisions based off my emotions(if that makes sense). Everything starts with a thought. Thoughts = Feelings = Actions. A lot of times if I acted on how I felt I just ended up avoiding situations and trying to make things easier, when in reality it was doing the opposite. Ya shit... it's a hard subject cuz everyone is so different. Too bad there wasnt some cookie cutter plan for this haha but meh... sometimes I wish I could just spread the word on how I made my progress but really it was how I managed based on my myself and my circumstances. If there ever is anything I can help with or even any info i can give, i am an open book an would gladly share any knowledge/experience with anyone.
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  8. Demondosage

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    Don't get hooked on xanax, it's a nightmare coming off it, trust me
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  9. Sdryx

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    I was prescribed benzos for panic attacks. Meditation and an afternoon nap has replaced benzos for myself.

    That and a shit ton of weed lol.
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  10. chileandawg

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    I saw that refyned carbs are the nature of anxiety in my case.

    Add some natural organic tabbaco and you can win the heaven. :)
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    People are actually advising cannabis or tabacco for anxiety disorders ?

    Such a dumb idea i dont even know where to start
  12. hurricane

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    How long is the half life of ativan? Was it as effective as xanax?
    Bud I've had to return home while driving to the Docs because of panic. Felt like I'd crash and die and kill others.
    People who don't have panic can't understand just how disastrous it can be.
    Haven't seen you around. Hope you're doing well. Thanks for helping.
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  13. hurricane

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    For me it's my chest pain. Whenever i get it i feel like I'm going to die of a heart attack. And since i have many heart issues that's certainly possible! lol.
    It fukin blows.
    But I'm like you. I could be doing anything and have one. No pattern at all. Which makes it even scarier.
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  14. hurricane

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    I'm glad to know you guys understand how i feel. Was pretty hesitant about starting this thread for fear of being shit on.
    Thanks for everything guys.
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    I’ve talked to many people about it that don’t suffer from it. I’ve always got the feeling they think I’m full of shit or it’s an excuse. The only people that truly understand are those who suffer from it.
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  16. LeoTC

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    It exists and it's a thing. Think the biggest reason people shit on it is that so many claim anxiety and do nothing about it.

    If you're self aware enough to know that it's a problem, you're intelligent enough to do something about it.

    If you simply choose not to, you're just using it as an excuse to be lame and shitty to the people around you.

    Also because it's a part of life. We all get anxious about shit and most just deal with it. They don't or can't grasp the concept of an anxiety disorder that actually interferes with daily life.

    I deal with a lot of anxiety personally and still find myself being one of those, "Just get over it," types at times. So I get both sides.
  17. Reno

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    nothing to thanks for. all of us are in the same boat. the diefernce is how your personality react on the experience.
    do me a favor. dont drink coffee if you do and avoid salt. this helped me a lot
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    So do you suffer from anxiety and panic attacks?
  19. LeoTC

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    I do, though I've worked hard for years to find ways to work through and around them sans medication.

    Have too addictive a personality to risk it. Why I said I can understand both sides of the coin.
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  20. DrinkFlintWater

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    Been going has been complicated these days but still pushing through it...hope all is good on your end!!
    Yup, I have to pullover...and fast...heavy breathing, lightedheadness...all fun...seems to happen more on highways, thus, I stay off highways. Sometimes they kick in midsentence in a conversation with someone and I go mute....i dont what this is about or what's causing it but its annoying...putting it mildly. But.....stress in my life is through the roof so working on that to see relief. Hope you're doing good brother!!

    Edit- idk the half life but I take .5 at night and I'm good for the next day. As strong as xanax? No but I find it effective.
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