Anxiety Medications. What has worked for you?

Discussion in 'Men's Health Forum' started by hurricane, Jun 5, 2019.

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    I know cbd oil is the big thing now, I've tried it a few times and didn't feel it did much but I wonder if it's not a buildup required or something for it to be effective. It's expensive to use a decent dosage from what I've seen
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    I've bought cbd from the dispendary and didn't like it at all. I actually felt like shit. And it was 40$ a vape cartridge.
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    Yeah, baking it is garbage.

    There's also A LOT of bunk CBD out there. Research the brand and make sure it's legit before using it.

    Black Pepper and Copaiba oil have been known to have similar effects. Also expensive, but a drop of two orally will do. So a 10ml bottle will go a long long way.
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    Ativan ( lorazepam) works, very mild. After several years was started on Xanax. Very effective, problem solved. Realy helped with my short fuse, and panic attacks. Buspar is a joke.
    Dont abuse Xanax, dont drink period . as long as your not running out every month your ok.
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    So I wanted to come back to this thread as I thought I knew what anxiety and panic attacks were. I was wrong. I have always had social anxiety and dont like being in crowds, etc. But Friday afternoon I was hit with a real panic attack. Short of breath, tightness in chest, blurred vision, feeling of dread, lightheaded and dizzy. I was genuinely scared. I had just got out of the hospital a couple of weeks prior with pulmonary embolisms in both lungs and blood clots in my legs and this felt like that all over again so I almost went back to the hospital. I was able to calm down after a couple of hours but still didnt feel right the rest of the day but felt better saturday after I woke up.

    I had a doctors appointment that monday, a follow up to check my INR levels due to the blood thinners Im on, warfarin, and told her what I experienced. She immediately diagnosed as a panic attack as all my vitals at the time were good and put me on prozac and told me to take it at night. Well, Tuesday morning I was hit with another one that lasted about an hour. After reading up on it more, Prozac can take 4-6 weeks to fully kick in and actually alleviate these issues. I dont know if it was a smaller one this morning but it wasnt fun either. I have called her back and shes checking into putting me on something to help bridge that gap between now and when the prozac will kick in. When you have a panic attack, you want it to go away quickly and 4-6 weeks is an eternity living in fear so hoping she will give me something.

    Cannabis does help at home, but when youre working and sometimes have to drive, its useless. Mine have happened at work, and the thing that makes it worse for me at least, is having multiple people keep asking if youre ok, do you need to go to the hospital, etc. I appreciate the concern, but when Im trying to calm myself down, let me concentrate and stop asking questions.

    Anyways, thats enough of putting myself out there to look like a pussy. I will update the thread when I hear back from her.
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    Did they find a cause to why you had the PE? I've had one myself and it's scary as fuk. I'm now on Xarelto for life.
    I'm not here to preach to you but please be careful if you choose to run gear again.
    I myself never will.
    As you now know panic attacks are debilitating. I hope your Doc is willing to give you a benzo for the short term.
    Keep us updated and be careful when on warfarin. A lot of otc meds can interact with it. Stay safe man.
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    My grandmother had genetic disposition for clots, like factor 3 and 5. something like that that actually caused her to have a stroke and die due to it. They tested me for it but came back negative. No definitive cause as of yet. I was running several orals that had creatine fillers, like 8-9 caps per day along with not hydrating properly and alot of stress.

    I would be quite naive to think it wasnt anything to do with gear, but theres quite a few articles about creating causing blood clots. That coupled with a sedentary office job, I had alot of things stacked against me. Never did donate blood on cycle either. I was wreckless and dumb. I will be on warfarin for 6 months, but I dont know if I will run full cycles again. I will check my test levels and if low, I will go to a doc and get a script for TRT. This was the worst thing Ive ever been through and would not want to do it again. The worst part was seeing the real look of concern on my youngest sons face, I broke down and cried over that. I read your history on another thread and was tossing around the idea of PMing you but decided against it. I appreciate your support and will definately update this thread when I can. Thanks for being a real one sir.
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    It's life changing for sure. I'm always around to talk. I've discussed health issues with many members privately. I'll always make time to try and keep all of you safe.
    Glad they didn't find any genetic markers. It's a wake up call my man. You know that.
    Whenever a stupid thought runs through my head i think about my kids. There's nothing i won't do for them. It sounds like your son really hit that heart of yours.
    Remember that look. Keep it etched into your brain.
    Your life just did a 180. I remember going through it. It's not easy. I won't lie to you and say it is.
    But it gets better. That i can promise.
    Again I'm not preaching but I'd avoid smoking blunts if you do. I vape a little but mostly take edibles.
    It's going to take sometime to wrap your head around everything. Find someone to talk to. If you can't I'm around.
    Try and RELAX!! Rest and heal up.
    Just remember there's nothing to be embarrassed about concerning panic.
    You'll be just fine man.
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    well, she didnt give me any xanax but did give me hydroxyzine 50mg. Its an antihistamine that is used for anxiety as well as giving it to patients prior to surgery. instructions say to take 1/2 tab every 6hrs or as needed. Took a 1/4 and its got me pretty relaxed at the moment. Maybe a bit too much for at work, but nothing I cant handle as long as I dont have to drive or operate machinery.
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    That sucks, panic attacks are real, give no warning. Treatment is usualy something that takes awhile to work, has its own sides. Xanax works fastest yet comes with alot of issues. If you think co workers are asking you if your ok now, goto work on xanax and you will be accused of being drunk and blowing into a breathlyzer. At least it will be .000. Good luck bro, been there. This heat always makes it worse for me.
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    Enjoy your hangover tomorrow (maybe) I was given something called atirex once, an antihistamine for anxiety. Felt terrible the next day. Absolutely terrible
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    My man, trust me you don't look like pussy.Like you I knew what panic attacks were but never had one until I had a concussion. Doctors thought it was my heart,after multiple heart monitors,stress tests,angiogram,heart mri... I asked for these tests cause I refused to believe it was panic attacks. But it was not my heart, it was panic attacks brought on by the concussion supposedly. I'm on .5mg klonopin a night which definitely helps.What helped the most was knowing they were panic attacks. I'll be trying to wean off this benzo starting next week
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    Shit's real as hell, and definitely not something to feel like you have to hide away.

    I usually get hit with the light headedness or a tingling down my arm first. Not reassuring when those are two of the most touted warning signs of a heart attack.

    Throw a family history of silent heart attacks on top of that? Fucking scary.

    Hope the Pro does it for you without messing with ya.
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    The support from you guys is much appreciated. Thanks everyone.