Any easy way to tell if something was made with mig840?

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    Hey guys, any easy way to tell if a vial of something used mig as the carrier oil vs mct? Asking because I know the lab had used mct but switched to mig around the time this was purchased so I'm unsure which it is. I am unable to contact the lab
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    Draw it up through a 30-31g insulin syringe (or smallest you have on hand) ... Miglyol will draw and flow easily through up to a 31.. mct will draw up and flow back out but it will be far from easy ....

    Ive done them back to back just to see the actual difference in viscosity between the 2 , and once you see how huge the difference is between mig and mct itll be hard to mistake the 2 again.
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    I can tell you some use 840, 812, and 818.
    They have differences in the comprised Acids/other.
    Color may also depend on what temperature they heat a certain compound too.
    I have recieved Test E 300 brewed in Miglyol 818, and it had a slighly yellow tint compared to my Test E 300 brewed in MCT which is clear as water.
    MCT is super clear with Test E.
    Other compounds would effect color of course.
    However, most likely need a lab to analyze.

    Going on a tangent:
    Another thing about Miglyol.
    Some say it gives them horrible pip.
    It is most likely not the mig, but probably the fact they used the mig because of the fact they wanted a higher concentration, and maybe didn't use other carriers to thin it, such as EO.
    Unless you have an allergy (rare) the mig should not be causing pip, however we are all different... so I could be wrong.
    Most sources are not going to label all of their ratios. Some sources, to save time, will use the same ratio of BB and BA for alot of their gear.
    This keeps math and time simple.
    Example: using 2.2% BA and 25% BB and 33% EO in NPP 150, then use those same insane percentages in Test E 300 and Test E 250.
    Some are using insane percentages period.
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  4. pharmasource

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    You are right Miglyol840 is not source of pain.
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    Then why would 3 separate labs, all using mig cause immense pip not experienced with other carrier oils? One lab used gso, switched to mig, then switched back after complaints. Both before and after wirh gso was pain free where as the mig was crippling
  6. Exactly. There's a seller that uses M840 exclusively. Everyone loves his stuff, says it's painless. In fact, my painful experience is the ONLY one i've ever seen posted.
  7. pharmasource

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    Miglyol840 ( and others ) is only modify. of MCT oil. Understand that could be some lumps , but not a crypling pain. My experiences with Mig is that pain is caused by
    - PH of subsatnce ( RAW contains too much residual acids )
    - BA / BB - must be good quality ( I know that some brewers using technical quality, because is cheaper and they have no source of better quality solvents )

    Example - BA from UKlabsupply ( dont know if they still exist ) was different consistency and smell like BA what I have now ( now I have the best quality, and its more thin,watery and another smell like my previous BA.
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    I've had it where the brewer used the same ratios, same bottles of solvents and same raws.....mct was painless and mig was crippling. I completely understand what you're saying and on paper by all means mig shouldn't cause any pip
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