Any hope? Got my LH to .7

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    Long back story, but gist is that I had low T because of a vericocele (TT 388 at age 29)... 41 now.
    had it fixed but never really rechecked and years later a hrt clinic doc prescribed trt cause I felt tired and miserable and he said I had no hope going to good natural levels.

    I stopped back in 2014, gold turkey and my TT was 144 after 10 weeks.

    So I’ve been on trt ever since. I tried so many restarts with different methods, scaly pct, etc. my TT never got above 40 and LH been zero.

    I tried one last restart using enclomiphene 25 daily x 30 days and lupron 1 mg x 2 doses spaced a week apart (day 22 and day 30). My LH went to .7! (Checked day 31). My TT values I think were wrong, said 1700 (using immunoassay not LC/ms) but I had no hcg or test, and I felt like shit. Anyway, think there’s any hope at regaining natural levels? I’m fine with trt just want piece of mind.
    @Michael Scally MD
    Be so appreciative of a response
  2. First of all a varicocele has a bigger affect on fertility than hormones, usually it doesn’t very significantly lower T. I don’t know a whole lot re leuprorelin, if the dosing is similar to triptorelin then 1mg sounds quite high, with triptorelin it’s 0.1mg for pct purposes, again idk the exact dosing. Also if you got enclomifene from a peptide site it’s likely just clomid if it is anything to begin with.

    I guess to know if it’s even possible to recover we would need to know what your T was at while on either hcg or clomid. I mean it seems unlikely you’d be able to recover if you were still low on those, not impossible cause I suppose you could have a rare reaction, like rarely clomid can actually make sperm count worse.
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    My TT was 400 on hcg plus nolva...

    Just think highly unlikely to get natural levels of 600 :(