Any older dudes taking HGH and no testosterone?

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  1. NorthMich

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    Im gathering that TRT will likely drop whatever endo test I’m making, perhaps permanently

    While I ponder that potential lifelong marriage with test supplement, I’m curious - is it common to take hgh only and no test?

    Or is the hgh not going to function without test?
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    They are two totally different drugs. People take them for very different reasons.
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  3. Ripped

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    Yes the hgh will function without the test and has no impact on suppressing natural testosterone production atleast not that I'm aware of.
    But there's a great synergy between running them together.
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  4. Glocker

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    Ur objective? It sounds like you want to raise your test levels without going on trt? If your test levels are low and u use hcg to supplement isnt that in itself a life long marriage to a supplement since presumably your test levels are not going to increase as you age only continue to drop. Aside from that I have read the hcg can eventually desensitize the lydig cells and no longer produce test but i am not clear on that or if it is permanent something to research for you. I recall reading somewhere that hcg combined with test only increases total test around 100 points but this article on montherapy seems to say different

    HCG Monotherapy
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  5. Morefyah

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    He talking about HGH not HCg
    Lol, I did this same thing a few months ago, but vice versa. I’ve got bad eyes!!
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