any secure email hosts?

Discussion in 'Security, Privacy & Anonymity' started by leodavinci, May 16, 2004.

  1. leodavinci

    leodavinci Junior Member

    besides cyber-rights (they wont let me log in without paying), ziplip (having many tech problems) and s-mail(wont even install on my computer).

    Is there anyone else? I know no one wants me using hotmail or yahoo. so where do I go? something free and instant preferably
  2. stryker

    stryker Junior Member

    If i am reading your post correctly you are saying cyber is telling you to pay, the page where it says premium membership is however much, scroll down to the bottom where it says regular log in. this should help ya
  3. gman67

    gman67 Junior Member

    Yes both hushmail and cyber-rights are free.
  4. graybass

    graybass Member

    Also, You have to read their home page carefully. It says "click here to continue with free account" It's a long bar, not your standard button.

    KCSMAN Member

    I Have Ziplip, Hushmail, And Cyber-rights And All Free. I Don't Have Any Problems With Ziplip.
  6. jocko

    jocko Junior Member

    cyber is free

    cyber is free just scroll down