Any thoughts on Dylan Gemelli

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Havoc, Mar 8, 2018.

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    Okay so I seen a thread on here a few years ago talking about this ass clown and not too many people had anything good to say about him. I I know all of his videos are just of him sitting down in front of a computer reading off information about steroids verbatim from websites. You can easily tell that by the way he keeps shifting his eyes from the screen to the focal point of the camera. I heard on other forms that if anyone calls him on his b******* he will have them band and kicked off. By the way sorry if it is bleeping out all of my cussing I'm a former Marine Corps Raider and my language is s*** so I apologize for all the stars behind each letter I'm sitting here talking into my phone while driving down the f****** road like an idiot. Anyways I just wanted to know what you guys thoughts were on this I would like to start my own YouTube channel just bashing the s*** out of this fuck bag. I had to go back and correct the f word because it's spelled out funk and that's definitely not what I meant. Anyways he says he has all this personal experience with all these steroids but he is skinny as f***. I don't know the ship bothers me there I said it it just bothers me anyways guys hope everyone's having a good night take it easy killers
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  2. Wow. That was a mouth full. :D

    i haven't really given this chap the time of day. From what i've seen of him, he's pretty ripped, but he's scrawny as fuck. Then again, maybe that's the look he's going for?

    i've read a few things from his site, and to me, he seems like a shameless business man that will tell you everything you want to hear, so that he can sell his products.

    He's no Bill Phillips, i'll tell you that much.
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  3. x11

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    Don't know anything about his business ethics and endless ped infomercials but he is a little ass guy.
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  4. ARES

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    Agreed MisterSuperGod. He talks about everything from injectable AAS, orals, SARMS, pro-hormones and he tells it like hes super experienced with cycling it all. Rich Piana talked about supps, obviously DID the supps (R.I.P.). When I get taken to a link of Dylan, I immediately close the page or go somewhere else.. I personally cant stand the dude. Garbage spews from his mouth, aimed that whatever new thing hes peddling to sell that day
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  5. Kakarot

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    Jack ass is proof that their is no happy medium between ped use and methamphetamine abuse;)
  6. CAswole

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    He's a shill on Evo. A scrawny one at that, nothing more. But if you're in the market for some fat blasting, ripped muscle building SARMS, he's your guy!
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  7. Havoc

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    I know but maybe the wookies going for but his body does not look like it has taken the things he said he has like deca dbol Anadrol it looks like he's only taken tren or winstrol
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  8. johntt44

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    CDC classified Dylan as patient 0 in the Aids epidemic.
  9. Mike Oxbig

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    Dude is a complete fucking jabroni
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  10. MindlessWork

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    Nothing but a scrawny loudmouth with a punchable face.
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  11. Robfromga

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    Seriously you can't tell that he's a total scammer? If dude has done a tenth of the shit he claims, but still looks like a fucking aids victim?
  12. Dr JIM

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    This may be the first Meso thread in which there is an evidence based consensus. :)

    And I say that bc Dylans Evo posts tend to be riddled with
    misrepresentations of the very research he lists as proof a particular PED achieves X,Y or Z

    And it should be no surprise a large portion of what he states about SARMS is; either not reproducible, based upon a “theory”, derived from Evos vast anecdotal pool of community parrots, or concocted bullshit!

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  13. Dregib

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    Lol if you read his replies to questions from people new to PEDs on evo or whatever it’s the same response to any of their threads:


    Proceeds to list 5 different SARMS and then tells them to run 2 other SARMS during pct followed by a link to the SARM source he’s repping.

    Total douchebag.

    I’ve seen him tell people that the reason they feel suppressed and shitty 4 weeks into running LGD-4033 without a test base is because they bought it from the wrong source and that if they had bought his they’d be fine without test.
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    to be honest I really think he has never done a steroid cycle I don't think the douchebag really knows where to get it from. I think all he does is eat like a pigeon and take sarms. I mean anybody can sit there and get in front of a camera on YouTube and have a computer screen in front of them that's logged onto and read off verbatim everything it says and have people think oh my God this guy really knows his stuff because that's that's exactly what it says on these websites Lmmfao. I would have loved to have somebody like that in the Marine Corps with me I would have broke him so easily. He would be walking on that round like a shattered piece of f****** glass.
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    Why are my messages being flagged and has a tag above them that says waiting for moderator approval what the hell I've never seen this before hell I started this thread don't tell me he's on here and have got the mods in on his bullshit too!
  16. Dregib

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    Lmao before I knew Meso existed (recent) I thought the only PED forum was evo :D shill city
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  17. Kakarot

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    Nah man much worse has been said about that ass hat on here than this thread.:D If it keeps on Id ask Millard probably just glitching.
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  18. Floaty

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    I've watched several of his youtube videos and I can say I don't care much for him. He's more of an endurance athlete, he says he does tons of cardio so I don't know why he even uses gear.
  19. Havoc

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    Sorry Guys its not that I can't spell and am some major fucking retard. I use voice to text and apparently my phone doesn't understand me half the time. Especially when I'm ranting and raving lmao
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    Well my phone hates me too haha. I have to spend time cleaning up what I spoke before I post :oops:

    It’s all good you getting this off your chest.
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