Any US Credit Cards Allow Purchase of Bitcoin?

Discussion in 'Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency' started by Equinob, Jul 25, 2019.

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    I tried to purchase some bitcoin with my credit cards and all were declined by the issuer citing that they don’t accept charges for bitcoin. Before I link my bank account to buy bitcoin, are there any US card issuers who do allow purchases of bitcoin?
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    Try a different vendor. Maybe paybis
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    Never had an issue with MC.
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    Yes I just tried to buy some with a Wells Fargo Visa debit card, but was a pain in the glutes. Was Coinbase. They wanted a selfie of me holding my credit card and DL. They use Simplex (what a fuggin name lol...) And they ask you for this about 95% through your process so you'll feel obligated to do so. I said fuck that and had them cancel my transaction at that point. Money went right back into my account and that was that... I just know that taking photos of credit cards is a baaad idea. Especially when the help desk begins and ends every reply with "kindly" (India)... "Bleez Zir, kindly bend over and zpread your cheegz for us kindly"... fuck off lol.

    So I downloaded Gemini, added my bank acct info. Purchased BTC in 1 minute. They hold onto your money for 5 days but it's not a big deal (gotta make some interest off your dinero). And then easily transferred it into my Mycelium wallet. Just buy $50 or 100 bucks worth as a test until you see it hit your wallet in a few days, then you can make bigger transactions.

    So: download Gemini and Mycelium. Fuck using your CC, you dont want your face digitally tattooed to every "crypto" purchase endeavour you embark on.
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    Most credit card issuers don't allow bitcoin purchases so you are better off using your debit card or bank account. To be safer open a separate checking account for your bitcoin transactions.
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