Anybody else been getting wacky test results from labcorp?

Discussion in 'Men's Health Forum' started by chemman, Dec 27, 2010.

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    chemman Member

    I tested nearly 200 points above the top of their range for TT but have only been midrange at quest and a hospital lab. I have found another guy on a different forum getting similar results. Anybody else?
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    akiravp82 Member

    Yup same here im definitely never doing a testosterone test there ever again , there on point with most labs but when it comes to testosterone there wayy off lately i dont know why? i had tested at labcorp at 850 then i go to a different lab and my TT was 300 points down!
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    cvictorg Member

    The last time I used LabCorp they identified me as a Female - so obviuosly my testosterone levels were slightly high
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    Thin Ice

    Thin Ice Junior Member

    geez.....this is disconcerting to read. I was about to have a bunch of tests done using

    I wanted to get tests privately and also thought it was a good idea to stick with the same lab I had used 6 years ago (for the same tests including TT) thinking that consistency would be good and possible. So am I wrong in my thinking?

    Seems a different lab may be in order which brings to mind the question.....Will the "normal range scale" used by another lab be different......and if so will I be able to convert it and compare it to past tests??

    Also i there another place to get lab tests privately? I have looked at ZRT and the Life Extension site and prices. Privatemdlabs was more reasonable in price so I was about to use somewhere else is higher and recommended that is fine

    Input appreciated..........thanks.
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    chemman Member

    I directly compared labcorp to quest in order to settle this dispute. The result: nearly identical. But the labs have significantly different reference ranges.

    So go ahead and use privatemdlabs. I love that service. I can get all of the labs that my stingy doctors will not order and at a decent price to boot. Google privatemdlabs survey and you can get a coupon for 15% off!
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    cvictorg Member

    Wide variability in laboratory reference values fo... [J Sex Med. 2006] - PubMed result

    J Sex Med. 2006 Nov;3(6):1085-9.
    Wide variability in laboratory reference values for serum testosterone.
    Lazarou S, Reyes-Vallejo L, Morgentaler A.

    Harvard Medical School, Division of Urology, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston, MA, USA.
    INTRODUCTION: The laboratory determination of testosterone levels consistent with a diagnosis of hypogonadism is complicated by the availability of multiple testosterone assays and varying reference ranges.

    AIM: To assess current laboratory practices regarding availability of testosterone assays and use of reference values.

    METHODS: A telephone survey of 12 academic, 12 community medical laboratories, and one national laboratory.

    MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES: Types of androgen assays offered and determination of reference values.

    RESULTS: All of the academic and eight of the community centers performed total testosterone testing. Free testosterone was performed in-house by six of the 12 academic and one community center. Testing for bioavailable testosterone, free androgen index, and percent free testosterone was performed in-house by no more than two centers. There were eight and four different assays used for total and free testosterone, respectively. One national laboratory offered equilibrium dialysis measurement of free testosterone. Of the 25 labs, there were 17 and 13 different sets of reference values for total and free testosterone, respectively. The low reference value for total testosterone ranged from 130 to 450 ng/dL (350% difference), and the upper value ranged from 486 to 1,593 ng/dL (325% difference). Age-adjusted reference values were applied in four centers for total testosterone and in seven labs for free testosterone. All reference values were based on a standard statistical model without regard for clinical aspects of hypogonadism. Twenty-three of the 25 lab directors responded that clinically relevant testosterone reference ranges would be preferable to current standards.

    CONCLUSIONS: Laboratory reference values for testosterone vary widely, and are established without clinical considerations.

    Serum Testosterone Assays—Accuracy Matters
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    Thin Ice

    Thin Ice Junior Member

    well....I suppose I will throw some money at privatemdlabs and see what happens......................

    I'll also supplement my anxiety, confusion and dismay with the CONCLUSION: Laboratory reference values for testosterone vary widely, and are established without clinical considerations.

    Great.....more confidence in the whole system. :)))

    thanks guys
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    cvictorg Member

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    BBC3 Member

    Labcorp is dogshit... Its official.. Their results were f'd on some of mine too.. And not even hormone related BW...
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    nik2007 Junior Member

    I know its a old thread but lab corps sucks my dhea sulfate came back twice at 100 points over so I went to my regular doctor he did the blood work through a hospital for fear of adrenal tumor and called and it said its normal range . Not to mention in a matter of 2 weeks they had my free testosterone at 14.2 then 10.8 .never again
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    1erCru Member

    Hmm. Maybe my 398 reading was actually 198!
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    Dr JIM

    Dr JIM Member

    What's relevant in the study cited by Vic is these tests should be used in the clinical context of a patients signs and symptoms, and are not simplified absolutes as MANY PATIENTS believe them to be!
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    ronbowe63 Junior Member

    When I went to Privatemeds and looked up local sevice centers they all said Labcorp.Whats up with that? I believe Lab Corp has some issues;my last bioavailable test,s was 88 the ref range is 95-350 and they did not mark this as fasting glucose,serum is usally around 78;well this last blood test I forgot to fast it came out at 57 low ref range 65-99.So ya I have very little faith in Labcrap I mean labcorp.Also back in dec of 2011 there ref range for testosterone serum was crazy.They called it Male Tanner stage.There ref range was 1,2,3,4,5.#1was less then 3;#2 was 3-432;#3 was 65-778;#4 was 180-763 and #5 was188-882;nothing stating witch stage I was in.Also my free test at that time was 8.0 with a ref range that said not establisted.
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    idmd Member

    Tanner stages are a measure of development used in children. My guess is you ordered the wrong test -
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    nik2007 Junior Member

    I just found out today they have couple of law suits against them . One of them cause someone tested HIV positive when he actually wasn't so he killed himself . A registered nurse at the doctor told me this today .
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    ronbowe63 Junior Member

    idmd,problem is I didn't order the test my doctor did.Besides how do they get away without having a ref range for the free test said:not estab ?
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    idmd Member

    That just it....I've used LabCorp numerous times and fT always had a ref range. The fact they mentioned tanner staging makes me think the test ordered or performed was for an adolescent. Question is did they screw up or did your doctor? I have no idea.

    But hey I have no dog in this fight other than to say I've personally never had a problem there....that's all.
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    ronbowe63 Junior Member

    idmd,can you explain to me why my fasting glucose'serum would be higher when I forgot to fast?Fasting 78;no fast 57 low.Maybee I dont understand glucose.
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    Jimmyinkedup Member

    This is a great statement. It is sad the health care system works the way it does. Every person on trt should have the ability to work with a knowledgeable physician and accurately interpret both #"s AND quality of life - working together to achieve optimal ranges and ultimately optimal benefit for the patient.
    Maybe someday.
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    idmd Member

    I'm NOT arguing with you....I don't really care. I'm just relaying MY experience with LabCorp....haven't had any whacky results.

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