Anyone care to chime in on this? I'm on the fence and would like some solid info.

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  1. Vikingiron

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    What do you think about buying your test products 100% pharma grade as to UGL? I've heard most pros never use UGL unless they are buying tren or things like add ons..EQ,Mast ect. I'm thinking it over and I feel buying the real stuff for test is a better idea if you can afford it. Any input is appreciated.
  2. Roco Bama

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    Of course pharma grade is always better. Only reason we homebrew our gear or buy from underground labs is cause we trying to save some money. If I make a 7 figure salary, all of my gear would be pharma grade.
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  3. Demondosage

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    Pros use all the same shit everyone else does, don't buy the hype
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  4. BigNattyDaddy

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    I would use pharma over ugl any day of the week. Not sure how you would be able to consistently get enough to cycle though?
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  5. Sk8man101

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    If they do those pros are on TRT. They don’t buy black market pharm grade.
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  6. Big_paul

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    Pharm grade is my pick.
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  7. JohnnyD

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    Of course pharma grade is always going to be superior, the problem usually comes down to availability
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  8. Test_Subject

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    UGL can be just as good as pharma. The issue is that it's a dice roll.

    The quality control for UGL just isn't the same.
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  9. Vikingiron

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    This is what I hate most is the risk factor. Imean we all, for the most part, have this passion for pumps and sculpting our bodies to look a certain way. We know what drugs we need to do whatever it is to create the environment to achieve it....but when you don't miss meals..don't miss sleep.. and never miss a session in the gym and you miss your mark because your addon where bunk, or labeled as one thing only to turn out to be another it really sucks. I wish it was the same as it was 20 years ago. I had a friend in Greece who used to send me Normas for under 5$ and I could get all of the other stuff Zamboni Winnie, Oregon sust.. the whole deal right here for peanuts. It's so much harder now!! I work construction and I use a ton of gear in my offseason/in-season to pay big bucks would really hurt my pockets.
  10. Theworm

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    I’m naive to all this, I get all my stuff from us pharmacies, but how do you get “pharm grade anabolics”? Not asking for a source, but if getting it underground, how do you know if it’s not conterfeit “pharm grade” products?
    Ie, I know my nandrolone is nandrolone it coming if I had a script... but pharm grade schering primo is very often counterfeit...
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  11. JohnnyD

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    Unless you are getting it from a pharmacy, then yes counterfeiting is and really has always been a big problem when buying on the black market.
  12. AlwaysHungry

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    All norma decas in the market are fakes here in greece it isn't in the pharmacies anymore the only real deca you an find here form pharmacy is Aspen 50mg/ml and the price is 2.40 per ml don't buy form scammers and you think you have real pharma grade nandrolone