Anyone cruise on 300 mg test?

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by Theworm, Jul 18, 2020.

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    I just feel normal on trt, not like I do on blasts, but now I’m more focused on health now but still not satisfied with my trt dose of 100 mg a week (puts me around 800 TT). Just not getting the body I want on trt alone or the motivation or energy/drive etc. Was thinking of cruising on 300 test and maybe not ever blasting again.... Anyone cruise on 300?

    I know it’s not the safest but I eat healthy and don’t do drugs etc. not fat, don’t smoke and will be even giving up blasting etc. I guess I’m asking am I crazy for thinking about doing this and is it really that unhealthy if bp and labs are ok? Thanks again.
  2. That’s not a cruise that’s a mild cycle. Essentially you’re just on a moderate dose of test year round. If you keep an eye on your blood work I’m sure you’ll be okay. I also wouldn’t be surprised if it shaved years off your life doing it long term. How many? Who knows. Just depends.
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    Am right now.
    300mg test ew
    25mg ed proviron
    2iu HGH
    My prescribed TRT is 120mg/wk
    I feel good at 300. Pretty normal. Gains are basically what I experienced when I was in my teens and 20’s. I’m mid 40’s.
    How long I’ll do it it, I dunno.
    Few years I guess.
    Year on year off?
    Not sure yet.
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  4. Why not nudge it up to 150 or even 200 and see what that does to your body and blood work first?
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    If you absolutely have to have “more than feeling normal” which by the way is the point of TRT this is the way to do it. Why triple your prescribed dose long term?
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    As others have already said, it would probably be ok but monitoring health markers would be essential.

    If 100/wk puts you at 800ng/dL, why not try increasing to 150mg/wk and adding another mild aas instead of more test? Personally, I’d try 150 test and 150 primobolan long term. Alternatively (or additionally), add HGH. Adding 1-2iu of HGH would provide modest help with physique goals and likely be healthy in the long term.
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    I think quality of gear plays a part here. 300mgs from a bunch of ugl puts me at where 150 mgs pharm would.
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    There are a shit ton of androgen receptors in your endothelial cells. They are vital for your heart health and seem to play a roll in keeping your calcium score low (although I don't think we know 100 percent). Seems like a pretty big risk for "feelz". We all want to feel super human all year round, unfortunately it may end your life early.

    You might be that guy that can do it. I'm sure it has been done with little effect on health markers. Unfortunately blood work is only 1 part of it and there is a lot more to heart health than a quick lipid check.
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    There was a thread similar to this a couple months ago.

    There’s terminology here that is important.

    TRT - dose of testosterone that replaces what your body would naturally produce, usually prescribed to put your levels in the high normal range. This is usually believed to be healthy or optimal as it’s within “natural levels”.

    Cruise - dose of testosterone and/or other compounds that you run in between blasts. The dose(s) are dependent on your goals. For most people this is the same as TRT as we recommend that to be “healthy”. But for a lot of people that could be 200-500 mg testosterone or a dose of testosterone with a little Anavar or a little masteron or primo or Deca.

    Unfortunately there’s just not a lot out there studying the long-term steady use of testosterone at supraphysiological doses just like there aren’t many studies on running cycles. Is one better or worst? Who knows. We (and the general public) see bodybuilders die early and blame it on steroid abuse, totally ignoring the recreational drug use or painkiller addiction. Professionals use a grocery store list of drugs, which just happens to include steroids.

    Guys here will cruise at TRT levels and then blast a gram to 2 grams of gear. Is that “healthy”? How is running 300 mg/week year-round any less healthy.

    There’s TRT doctors on the YouTube’s that say 500 mg/week of test is reasonably healthy. Milos Sarcev has been on 500 mg of testosterone per week for a long time.

    Then there’s Quantity of life vs. Quality of life. If steroid use cuts the number of years down by 10 but makes those years better, most of us I think would take that. If a natural man lives to 80 years old but is broken down, tired and unable to get a boner the last 15 years is that a “good” life? Is he being rewarded for healthy choices? Is he in a nursing home having diapers changed for the last 5 years. Compare that to a guy in testosterone and steroids that lives to 70 but lives a vigorous life, higher energy, feeling better, and achieving boners into his 70s. He misses out on 10 years but what more did he gain out of his life?

    Sorry for the rambling. But the short answer is that it’s an individual decision. It could go either way. Here for a good time or here for the long-time.

    If you’re running just 300 mg/week of test and never blasting and never adding any harsh compounds, my personal opinion is that you’ll be fine. But then again, my endgame is to be the jacked grandpa on 200 mg/test and 400 mg/primo, occasionally bumping that to 500 mg/test and 600 mg/primo. I love lifting and I’d rather die holding a barbell than die holding a Budweiser.
  10. Working in a hospital put the whole is it worth the last 10 years if they’re shit? Fuck no. If I ever end up in a hospital bed shitting on myself and peeing into a cath I’d rather die 20 year earlier. It’s seriously like some of these people just exist while prolonging their life for whatever reason. It’s sad. I’ll happily die early to live a life with some muscle when im young and quality of life when I’m old. It’s about using the compounds not abusing them.

    I think of you truly live a healthy life run your year at moderate dosages and stay on 200-300 mg year round you’ll look way better than the guys that just blast stupid amounts of compounds. Unless you want to be pushed into that niche category.
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    You shouldn't have to run stupid amounts to look decent if your diet in in check.
  12. Having blasted on everything from 300mg to 1,500mg/week of testosterone, I settled on 200mg every 9-10 days. I'm 64 years old now and after having my aortic heart valve replaced I won't consider going higher then that. To the OP I suggest bumping the test up so your blood levels are around 1,000 ng/dL and then including a non-aromatizing DHT deriative like primo or masteron (if male pattern baldness or BPH is not an issue), and also adding in 2 iu's a day of GH 5 days a week would be ideal. On occasion it's pretty safe to run 40-50mg of Anavar ED for 8 weeks. With a decent diet and solid workout program, I think you will be very happy with the results.
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    Thanks guys, love to try primo but have to stay legal and get stuff from my hrt clinic which include oxandrolone, oxymetholone, deca, test cyp and prop as well as hgh

    Love the advices!
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    Those compounds should provide you with everything that you need. Good luck stay healthy!
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    I usually cruise on 250mg / 5 days of test C or E. That amount works well for me. It’s definitely beyond TRT dose but I feel like a million bucks at that level.
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    This is so true
  17. I also cruise on 250/week Test E, and I will blast and cruise as long as I can. Lifting is my absolute passion, and I will continue to do it until I am physically unable! The world needs more jacked grandpas!!!!!
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    My dr has me on 250 test a week, 2-3iu gh a day, and also 250 deca for joint relief and 25mcg t3. They also have var available and some other things but var screws up my joints. All my bloods come back damn near perfect.
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    So your doctor prescribes you 500mg/wk AAS dose, as well as GH and T3? Kudos to finding a doc that goes above and beyond. Most docs prescribe maybe 200mg test/wk and maybe some GH, if lucky.
  20. Does your insurance cover all of this or is this out of pocket?