anyone else ever have a kickass workout after a night of drinking?

Discussion in 'Bodybuilding Forum' started by Demondosage, Jul 4, 2013.

  1. Demondosage

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    Weirdest thing ever, but usually after a night of drinking I will have an amazing workout. I'm not kidding, it may take me a kick in the ass to get to the gym, but once I get going it seems I usually have a good workout, I cannot explain it for the life of me.
  2. Dd ive had great wotkouts hungover. Have no idea why though. Have to drag my ass in there but sometimes have insane workouts. Sometimes feel like complete shit. Ill let ya know how tomorrow goes :D
  3. Demondosage

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    I trained legs this morning hung over, out of all frikken things to train i hit legs, had a killer workout, felt strong as a bull. Then hit the sauna to sweat out the alcohol, and felt like a million bucks when i walked out of the gym
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  4. Best way to kill a hangover. Few scrambled eggs pre workout. Kill it in the gym. Sauna. Keep hydrating and you feel great. I don't think I've ever had the balls to hit legs though.
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  5. Mr. Joe

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    Well, it happens to be leg day and I happen to be a little hungover so we'll see how it goes this afternoon.
  6. skins

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    Right here...

    I drag ass into the gym thinking "just enough weight and reps to rejuvenate the circulation and get my pump back". I'll do 2 warmups then add something heavier... And then add more.., and even more weight. I've had my best lifts after a night of drinking.

    I've thought about this often.
  7. cellis

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    I have this happen all the time. After thinking on it recently, I've begun chalking it up to the following:

    Day after binge drinking I'm moody, anxious and sort of a rat bastard to be around (sharp contrast to the person I was while drinking: talkative, laughing, mostly agreeable and fun-loving). I just feel all-around more aggressive and while I may feel like hell during a workout the day after binging, all that aggression/drive just seems to translate into a better workout.

    Recent studies illustrate that after a single bout of binge-drinking (not day-in day-out heavy drinking, which can suppress testosterone), testosterone rises. I don't remember by how much, and I don't know whether a transient spike in serum testosterone like that has the potential to alter one's performance that greatly, maybe in terms of "drive" it could, the way test suspension is reported to.

    So there's my layman's understanding of what I think goes on.
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  8. sebas1231

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    I think alcohol actually increase your test levels for a bit but I'm not sure if that explains the good workout. Drinking doesn't seem to kill my
    Workouts whatsoever
  9. prop

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    drinking a bunch will make you retain water ... and we all know that retaining water will make your strength go up
  10. Candyskull

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    Alcohol decreases testosterone massively, but after sleeping it off, your regular test levels feel like superman levels. This is why hangover sex can be awesome, and any girl who left the night before because you were shooting pool with a rope missed out on the glass cutter you had the next morning.

    Alcohol dehydrates you. It's a powerful diuretic. This is why you piss and piss while you drink, and the next morning why your head pounds and your mouth is like a litter box. Alcohol in no way makes you retain water, and strength gains related to water retention are dubious and anecdotal at best.

    Strength gains in the gym after a night of drinking can probably be attributed to the fact that you're still drunk. Alcohol does strange things to the central nervous system, and after sleeping one off you still have some CNS depression, and it allows you to push harder than normal. I've seen plenty of booze fueled feats of strength, and reduced judgement and CNS feedback have always struck me as the most likely cause.
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    Workout after a night of drinking? We'll see this Wed.
  12. Candyskull

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    :eek: I don't know how well it work past a certain age Gun :D

    If you remember to hydrate well before knocking out, you'll probably kick ass symptom free. I once had a drunk marine over at a party I was having. He flipped over my balcony railing and proceeded to do 20 pull-ups, and had enough left in the tank to pull himself back over the railing. When asked if he was insane he said no, just drunk, but that it was a PR for him. He later cut his hand severely on my butterfly knife, and tried to rape another friend, so he was given a few love taps, and made quite an exit down a flight of stairs.

    All the same, the pull-ups bit was epic.
  13. asdf123

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    I know a few friends of mine who compete drink the night before a competition mildly.
  14. That's pretty common actually. A glass or 2 of red wine will help dry you out for Pre-judging in the AM. If they aren't taking diuretics, its not a bad choice.
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    Let me say this. It's been so hard to want to stay. I've actually had decent workouts, just wanna get it all over with!