Anyone else have a problem bicep?

Discussion in 'Training Forum' started by Dregib, Apr 11, 2018.

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    my right arm has a tendency to absorb bicep exercises in the forearm instead. I’ve tried all different types of curls, preacher curl machine where I can rest the handle on my wrist and not grip it with my hand to take the load off my forearm, and still my right bicep just doesn’t pump as hard as the left.

    They’re both growing, and I’ve asked other people if they notice difference in size and only I notice that the left is slightly thicker. It’s also longer than my right. They have like equal peaks though.

    I had a similar issue with my lats but a lot of unilateral work is helping get better mind muscle connection and even them out, I just still have trouble with my arms.

    Anyway it just pisses me off most days I do arms I leave the gym feeling like I cheated one of them. If anyone else has experience with this and could offer insight that’d be great.
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    i have a plate in my left arm. scar is on the backside. took me forever to make a connection with my left bicep.
    i recommend single arm curls. with great emphasis on the twist at the very peak. hold/sqeeze that shit. i don't worry about coming back down either, just let it drop. if i come down slow it really strains my forearm/elbow. i'm more concentrated on getting the full rep, even if i gotta swing it a little bit. this helped me a lot.
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    I have two bicep problems..

    One of them is a small, and the other one is also small.
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    My left one is a little messed up due to an injury last year and it feels tight still.