Anyone else sweat like a pig on nandrolone?


I'll soon find out just started 100mgs eod dont mind sweating it's the insomnia I dont want lol


nandrolone makes me swear like crazy and hornier than I've ever been in my life. it's amazing and disastrous at the same time lol


Ran NPP once at 300 a week and didn’t notice any sweating that was out of the ordinary.

200mg of tren E per week had me grossly sweating in the gym and horrible night sweats.

Tren is not for me.


Nandrolone and trenbolone make be sweat like crazy, but for seemingly different reasons. With nandrolone, for me at least and everyone I've known personally, there is always a little water retention whether it's noticeable or not. It seems like it's the water retention that causes it for me. I'll have veins on my quads but can do weighted cardio on a treadmill for an hour and drop 10lbs and not sweat much at all later that day or even if I just do 10 minutes of hard sweating cardio before weights I'll sweat less during training. It's like there's extra sweat built up lol. I swear I never look bloated unless I screw up a meal though. With and nandrolone and tren I'll sweat more with activities, but far less with nandrolone and no night sweats unless I'm visibly bloated. Off topic, but I don't understand how so many people enjoy tren during the summer after a few runs with it.
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Thanks for all the responses guys. Up to this point I only ran a low dose for my joints without issue. I upped it for a cycle and holy moly!

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