Anyone ever taste Tren Ace?

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by RomanMVP, Oct 9, 2017.

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  3. Dw725

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    Guilty. Spicy in a strange way.
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  4. Jankauskas

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    I wish I had it in my blood right now, its like longing for home...
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  5. penche

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    The members speak the truth, El Spice. Few drops should have you clearing the throat. If not then it's a turd
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  6. Skull

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    Its a spicy meat uh ball lol. Shits an avalanche of flavor lmfao
  7. eje1990

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  8. It's like sticking your tongue on a 9Volt battery
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  9. My tounge fucking tingles like a mother fucker sometimes. If its2 really really strong tren, the top of my head, my tounge, and my lips will all tingle in a bad way... No taste though.
  10. RomanMVP

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    I liked doing that as a kid. That, and sticking my tongue in wall sockets.Looking for that rush as a squirt.
  11. Yeah, that's how to describe it perfectly!! Can't believe I never thought of that.
  12. TideGear

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    I've tasted tren from 3 different labs and I never thought it was spicy.

    PIZZABOY Member

    Ive chewed the pellets back in the day, would mix it with my Copenhagen snuff for that sublingual effect. Young and knew it all.......